• Lots of dead people. Most do it becuse they think they wont get caught.
  • Alot of dead people...noone ever thinks they'll get caught.
  • Honestly? If I wanted to screw around I would ...And even the threat of dying wouldn't stop me ... So no I don't think it would change a thing ... It would just make people more sneaker than they already are.
  • I think there would be a lot of dead people.
  • Three for three here. Historically, there have been heinous penalties for adultery, up to and including horrific death sentences. I think true monogamy is very rare, don't you?
  • At first, a lot of dead people. Then, once people realized that the law was real, the cheaters would either stop or be much more careful about it. It wouldn't stop cheating altogether though.
  • far as the eye can :)
  • Probably both, and less marriage too.
  • there would be MORE divorce because if any chance someone was going to cheat they would get a divorce.
  • at first i think half the population would be dead but what are we defining as adultery? cheating or any sex outside marriage? if it's cheating i think there would just be MORE divorce so then they don't get caught w adultery if it's sex outside marriage then i think more dead people for a long time...i don't think it would really work the way whoever placed it would have hoped for
  • I think that there would be less marriage, so in turn i guess less divorce as well just by default
  • Fun question. As an attorney, I would have a big increase in business. I think people would get divorced more frequently so that part of my practice would increase, but they would still fool around. The fooling around part would be difficult to prove but I could make more money defending those accused. Wishfully thinking, I would have no dead clients.
  • That will depend on how many people in the justice system (e.g. attorneyes, judges, jurors, prison guards, executioners) get caught on an adultery rap. :-)
  • Since the divorce rate is already at 50%, why bother getting married if there is any possible threat of death hanging over you? It still happens in other countries though,at least for the woman. But if you look at it historically, there was less divorce vs. dead people. People that want to be married and cheat are mainly doing it for the thrill anyway, so they would just get sneakier.
  • Lot of dead people. Sweet way to combat over population

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