• Our bodies change with each pregnancy. I myself charted my monthly course accurately for 6 months in hopes of a viable pregnancy. I went to a maternal/fetal specialist for the duration of the pregnancy and even with my accurate records, the dr. would not allow me to carry beyond 40 weeks, not even 40 wks, 1 day. After the baby came, she was healhty but had some issues with nursing. The lacation specialist asked about her age offering that if born before 40 weeks, sometimes babies have a little difficulty. But according to my ob, the baby was exactly 40 wks. Pediatrician came in and said she was only 35 weeks based on things like hair and such. Also, not sure how accurate this piece is, but if you think about it, your body was in essence, streched out by the first pregnancy, so it could be that this baby just "fits" better because you had a little more strech that didnt' return to it's pre-preg size.
  • ask your doctor about it if youre worried about it

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