• Firstly, I'm sorry to hear that. Secondly, the problem is that no matter or what you tell your friend, you can't control how they'll react, because their reactions will be affected, in part at least, by their existing perceptions and beliefs about cancer. And once you've told them, you can't untell them, of course. I would seriously consider asking for professional advice on this issue, as you're only going to get one chance to get it right.
  • It's difficult to know how people will react. Some will think it means a quick ending to life. Other's will think that it can be cured or controlled by chemotherapy or radiation. You have to explain it to your friends that no matter what, please don't treat me different from the way you have been behaving. Answer all their questions that you can honestly. I had a tumor removed from my throat last year. Some of my friends were worried that it was worse than I said it was. So I know a little of what you mean about wanting friends not to behave differently. Best of luck!
  • You don't say what type of cancer you have and what your prognosis is. In order to help you to find the right way to tell people I might be better placed if I knew your situation a bit more. You may need all the love and support you can get no matter what the outcome. And, as a witness to my sister, and several close friends going through cancer and treatment etc., I know that when you share this burden you will be amazed by the huge amount of love you will receive from everyone - that can't be bad, can it? Some people will be afraid and their reaction can be hard for you, but others will be strong and positive. Maybe you can choose who to tell and ask them to keep it to themselves for a while, and just be natural with you? You are very young, I hope and pray all will be well for you.
  • just tell him the truth and that you dont want to be treated different cause you have it
  • Let your doctor help you!
  • As for telling your friends I don't know them . Ergo unable to tell how they'll react. I would think about who would be most likely to understand. I'm hoping there will be people who are understandng. I hope your cancer is a good prognosis. I you wish you are in my prayers for a full recovery.

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