• sometimes people think they love someone but they don't they are just in love with them, they love everything they think they know about the person or they love everything they know about the person but thats not the same as love. Love is when you love everything about a person the good and the bad. It runs deeper and lasts much longer. so I love my family and I have some friends I've known for a long long time whom I also love. I might meet someone and I might fall in love with them after some time but if they are the right person and we stay together for a long time then I would eventually love them too.
  • Being in love with someone comes with a strong committment, sometimes unconditional..i.e. you want to wake up with only that person every morning and plan your whole day/life with him/her. Loving someone is similar to loving something i.e. pet, car, fur coat. You can part with it or replace it sometime down the road easier than the one you truly love. Check out the movie the "Notebook" to see a true story made into a movie.

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