• If she got pg she wouldn't already have morning sicknesss. But she could very well be pg. Cats are very funny about being in heat they meow long and loud it sounds like a bird. Cats always clean them selves you may not notice but she does lick herself.
  • Take your cat to the vet and have her spayed! There is no excuse for more mittens in an already over populated cat world. Spaying your cat also prevents certain types of cancer. A kitten should be spayed at 4 months old. Any time after that it can come into season and have kittens. Meeting up with strays and ferals can give your cat FIV, FeLV (fatal) and FIP (fatal). A cat will come into season and become pregnant.before the current litter of kittens is even weaned. Being in season is a very uncomfortable time for a cat not fun and a miserable out come especially if mom gets sick from the other cats out there.
  • only a vet can tell you if shes pregnant or not

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