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  • no stomach enzymes would kill the sperm
  • tootsiegirl2 is right. Plus, even if the sperm did somehow survive, there would be no way for them to get from your digestive system to your uterus. Don't worry.
  • Both of the previous answers are correct. Now I suggest you have your mommy or daddy teach you the facts of life before you carry your explorations any further.
  • It would only be slightly possible if you were an abnormal freak with your falopian tubes attached and open to your stomach. However, gastric juices are much too acidic for spermatozoa to survive, so the answer is no. It's impossible.
  • Actually, if you give urself or someone else oral emedialty after, it is possible
  • If you have to ask this question, than you are not ready to be having sex ( or any other sexual acts). Because if you didn't know the answer to this, did you know that you can get nasty STDs like Gonorrhea or Chlamydia of the throat?
  • This question is just about as stupid as asking if you can get pregnant by giving a hand job when you have a cut on your hand....
  • Yes it is possible. If you puke on your vagina. Next question?
  • yep...definately....because your vagina is clearly near your mouth as you are talking shit
  • na wa oooo,no
  • Noooooo Waaaaayyyyy....
  • only if you swallow it vaginally
  • not a dumb question. that is the problem these days. inexperienced people ask a question and we dis them for it. If we know the answers, we should tell them. Helping the inexperienced with knowledge is a good thing, we can keep STD's down.
  • my girlfriend got pregnant from giving me dirty looks...they didn't help her...or did they?
  • Unfortunately, it is VERY possible to get pregnant from giving a blowjob. You see, the sperm are ALIVE, therefore, they have minds of their own. Once inside your system, they take the long and perilous journey to your uterus. Their journey begins as they climb the mountains of calcium that protrude from the dark and strange vortex of your mouth.. Next, they travel through the dark cave of despair, also known as your throat. Next, they begin the long plummet down the valley of no return and soon enter the realm of nothingness. Before long, they reach the bowels of death, also known as your stomach, and then they begin the horrible trudge up and through the mines of Norath. Finally, after many days of traveling and stupid commentary by Adam West, one final sperm cell reaches your uterus and impregnates you. This is a true story and account of a 12 year old girl getting pregnant in the year of 1995 in Dish, Texas by a 32 year old man. I'm not screwing around.
  • No you can't. It is impossible. End of story.
  • apparently you need to read up on the parts of the body organs and how they work.and i take it your female, go to library and look this question up.
  • DUH? What's a vagina for?
  • no becouse stomach acid kills sperm
  • i think everyone else are jerks who answered this she asked a simple question you don;t have to be rude about it obviously she was worried and maybe she can't talk to her parents so why don't ya'll all grow up and stop being such jerks!!!!
  • you shouldn't be giving blow jobs if you don't know the answer to that question.
  • YES!!! It happened to andor's gf!
  • nope *lol* its impossible so when girls swallow it this sperm well travel back to vagina?! are kidding me i'll explain a simple explanation on how things happen and how babies developed on having a sex the male explode his sperm inside vagina this sperm has thousands egg in there and travels to "fallopian tube" where all pregnancy starts this thousands of egg sperm from tiny spoon only 1 egg sperm can only survive accepted in "fallopian tube" to "fertilizes the egg" is attached to "uterus lining" this 1 egg produce a 1 fetus and grows for 8 to 9 months and then female well take a birth of this baby so basically well start in vagina not in stomach yo!

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