• What answer????
  • "Dear Redhawk: A few months back I received a very inspirational video from one of our Petplace subscribers. The video is about a woman named Lis' Kristof who had fought cancer for 8 years and was given 3 weeks to live on this earth. She left the hospital to run her dog Diva just one more time. Against impossible odds, not only did she stay on her feet for the whole run, but also she got the last qualification necessary to win Diva's Agility Dog Championship title! We all need to be inspired and encouraged. It comforts our soul and gives us the strength to press on. So take a moment to watch this video for yourself. It will move you: I am sad to report that on the evening of May 6, 2008, Lis' Kristof left this "wonderful earth". Surrounded by her mother, dearest friends, and beloved Chinese cresteds; she departed in peace. Thanks Lis' Kristof for inspiring all of us. Sometimes we get caught up in our daily troubles, we all do it. Then we see something like this that inspires us to never give up and keep going even if the odds seem to be against us. Cherish every day. Until next time... Dr. Jon"
  • When I went to the link it was of a guy singing puppies asleep. It had to be the sweetest thing I have ever seen.

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