• For a public place I say 'restroom''s NOT a bathroom, folks!! that's what you have at home!!! I was raised in Ohio......the armpit of the nation!!! lol.......and when people say 'bathroom' referring to a public RESTROOM I go nuts!! LOL :-D
    • Victorine
      I was raised in Ohio, too, in Columbus. That is definitely not the "armpit of the nation".
  • When it's private home I say bathroom when it's in public I say restroom and I have no idea why they call it a restroom because you get no rest in there!
  • "restroom" for public bathrooms, otherwise "bathroom" . . . . USA, northeast. Don't forget "water closet"...
    • Victorine
      Or just "WC," though WCs in some homes were and are separate from a "bathroom". Many Europeans and Asians find the idea of the toilet and tub being in the same room very odd and unsanitary.
      I agree. As a plumber, I'm always impressed with the more upscale homes that locate toilets in a "closet" separated from the rest of the bathroom by a door. About the size of a linen closet, includes an "exhaust fan". Very practical, especially for a bathroom that might be used by more than one person at a time.
  • mostly toilet. cause its not in my bathroom and even while out i say toilet ,maybe loo an aussie
    • Arimatthewdavies
      My stepfather was from Holland and Indonesia and he used to say w.c. pronounce we zay.
  • Bathroom at home, restroom for a public convenience. I grew up in Ohio until I was 15, but this is not an Ohioism. I've lived all over the country, from New England to the West Coast and now Chicago, and I've encountered this usage everywhere.
  • I usually refer to it as the "can".
  • I say bathroom at home or at somebody else's home. If I'm out and about, I say restroom, because there are usually not bath facilities in public restrooms. I was born and raised in the mountains of central Calif.
  • bathroom
  • From the UK so of the options you give it is a loo, although I would probably say toilet. A bathroom has a bath in it, a washroom a sink & a restroom possibly a bed.
  • I call it a toilet and I was born and raised in England.
  • I sometimes ask "where's the WC?" for Water Closet but since Im in hill billy country no one knows what a WC is &some helpful person often hands me a cresent wrench or a pen or a handy wipe or some other random off the wall item. I should probably write a book about it.
  • bathroom
  • "Shithouse" - I'm not very popular at social gatherings...😏

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