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  • Yeah its absolutely fine if it suits you both, different people like different things, there's a whole world that you can experiment with if you know what i mean, don't think anything is strange, if you like it do it!
  • It really depends on who your asking. I've had my hands tied to the bed once and it was such a turn on. If thats something your both into....well hell go for it! Nothing is too abnormal if thats what your into
  • A lot of men seem to like it and apparently women as well though never did anything for me.
  • Bondage is a normal thing for some people. Both males an females can be turned on by tying someone up or being tied and powerless. By all means do it. The main thing is safety, and understanding your partner's limits. Have a safe word that stops all activity if it gets too intense. BDSM is a normal thing. It can be a gift to give up control to your partner. Psychologically it is a very strong sexual stimulus.

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