• I'd love to know that too.
  • Great question Ou-know! I think the Japanese are STILL in denial about their war past, that's why. They whitewash in their schoolbooks what they did to the Chinese (in Nanking in 1937 for example), and all the horrific war crimes they committed against other Asians and Pacific Islanders.
  • It is very simple, the same could be said about where the Nazis got the idea for the Concentration camps? Hitler got the idea from the US and its treatment of the indegenous people here in North America, yes the treatment of the Indians and the Reservation systems that nearly wiped out all of the indigenous people, and there are estimates that are in the millions, but we don't want to talk about our domestic problems, but you see what was done to the Jews was nothing new to man kind, what was new was the efficiency at which man could kill, killing by man was down to a science, the reason why one form of eradicating a race or a people is more documented than the other is the fact that a very prominent group of people were killed and that the Jewish community had the money to document their plight as a distuguished people of the Arts,the science community, engineeering community they have the money to document their cause where as many persecuted peoples of the world do not have the means to perpetuate plight and to the betterment of man kins Lest we forget

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