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  • Just get it in there and guys like it when your messy well most of the time anyway. so the more the saliva the better the BJ!
  • Practice. If you really want to get it down (pardon the pun), you really need to learn to overcome your gag reflex. Practice on a banana or a cucumber if the taste of latex or silicone makes you sick.
  • you have to relax your tonsils.
  • Practice. At first you will gag and throw up proabably. I did. Try not to eat well before attempting. Practice on someting or your husband. If you are embarassed you might puke on your man, but a large real skin, or close to skin dildo with a suction cup on the bottom (place in the bathroom/tub/shower) You can use saliva, but find an oil that will stick with the slobber ( makeup remover oil?) Place your tounge past your bottom lip and deep breath and expand the back of your throat. Now it's just practice getting used to it in your throat. When the head reaces the back of your throat at your tonsil area, twist your head to move the penis head around. It will slide once past that. Longer he is, more practice you will need.
  • Relax - Have him sit back with his butt on the edge of a chair with his legs apart, and then kneel between his legs. This gives you full access to his cock, balls and ass with your mouth and hands. In this position you have good balance, plenty of flexibility and can see his face, so you can see when he is close to cumming. Relax
  • The best way is to get into a 69 position so the curve of the penis is going backwards. Then, take a deep breath and hold it. Slide the cock into your mouth gently force it down to the back of your throat. Relax your throat muscles and just try to let the dick go in as far as you can. In a way, try to actually swallow the dick as it goes in further. This takes practice to get really good at. You can practice with a small rubber dong dildo or with a banana. You'll get there.

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