• People are not their actions. Whilst we may hate what they have done, that is not the same as the whole person. They will have positive parts of their personality/skills/relationships/traits as well as having committed an unacceptable act. People grow and change. There may be many reasons why they have done something we disagree with, from retaliation for a crime/act committed against them to a genuine mistake. When we know the whole history, we may feel that their act was reasonable and justified in those circumstances. People have the opportunity to change if they wish. Some people do learn from their mistakes, we are all human, we should give others the opportunity to put right that mistake. Some people commit wrongful acts with the best intentions, such as feeding their children or following a strict religious belief. By hating somebody who has done something we hate, we can destroy our own peace of mind and chances of happiness. Some people waste their entire lives dwelling on one childhood incident. People are not their actions, try to separate the two and forgive if you can. I am not suggesting you don't learn from the experience, people need to earn respect, but forgive if you can for your own piece of mind too.
  • Just think about how miserable their life must be. Then you can pity them, not hate them.
  • Depends what that evil something is. I don't think it's wrong to hate someone if they've done something really evil, like rape a little kid.
  • Let's just get rid of the "right" and "wrong" labels for a moment. Your emotions are never wrong, just your acting on them, but they could use a little tweaking if you find yourself crossing to the dark side :). Try to see people like God sees them (assuming you believe in God. Some folks don't). When God sees a person he sees the good stuff too, otherwise he'd destroy the lot of us. He knows the bad is there, but he loves us in spite of it. And the overwhelming majority of death row inmates have a mother who loves them with all her heart, so they must have some redeeming qualities. So that is two options you have in order to help you not hate a person. You can see them like God sees them or like thier mother does. I want to stress how important it is that viewing "bad" people in a good light may not come automatically. It might take years before you can do it! But it is worth working towards. We are never happy when we are busy hating other people. If you ever care to read my profile you will understand what I am saying to you. It has taken years of practice learning to let go.
  • I have been taught to love your enemies.. for only love can change their evil deeds to goodness.. so bear no brunt against anyone.
  • In my little world it is not wrong to hate, when evil is involved . Yes, it's the deed I hate more but I also hate the person who did it. Some people have a more generous heart than I do and can forgive. And I am happy they can do it because it's right for them and gives them peace. We all deal with evil, and how we handle it is up to us as individuals. No one is right and no one is wrong. Whatever works for you is what is important.
  • Some people eventually become their actions. They don't something so much and think in tha mode so habitually, it is indeed what they become. The actions are products of what they really are inside. . ."As a man thinks in his heart, so is he." Some people produce loathesomeness--for whatever reasn/s. Still they know their loathesomeness is plain wrong. They are too stubborn and unyielding to take full responsibility for it. They find rationalizations too easily, so that somehow in their minds they are definitely justified. But if they listen to that voice deep within, they would have to face the truth and see things otherwise. And then some folks either don't have or simply hardened themselves from within so much and so often, that they don't have a little voice in which to listen. People can do this to their souls. Many of them often have others convinced, and they have conned them so well. But truly discerning people can see their evil for what it is--and that these people have embraced it and are pretty much OK with it--or again, they live by continued rationalization of their evil.
  • Not wrong for me. Hatred is not in my vocabulary, but if someone does something wrong intentionally I am not afraid to say: I hate this person. I think it's a very natural feeling to express.
  • hate is wrong
  • Hate is self destructive & always finds a way to do more damage to you than the target of your hate.
  • Hate the sin, love the sinner.
  • Phillis says effort is energy directed soems close to my answer- - and bits of the others' answers, too. Iy is not wrong to hate if that is your feeling. Feeling are just feelings. However, I'd only add -- getting stuck in hating the other person only hurts you and depletes you of energy you can better use for yourself. The energy required to hate is really useless and unproductive, other than making yourself miserable. +5
  • anywhere there's "hate", there's violence...
  • Hatred hurts only you, it is giving away your power to them. Forgiveness takes away the power the other person continues to wield in your life.
  • Because hate eats and hurts the person who hates, not the 'hatee.' Not good for the body or the soul. +3

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