• Disconnet all computer components from an electrical outlet. You will have to start all over, but its worth it to save that pc.
  • buy yourself a good UPS a Battery back up, APC makes a good one for around $100 but make sure you also hook up your phone line to it also as you can take a strike though it also.
  • Disconnect every external connection. Power cords, cable modem cable, phone cords, TV antennas etc. i.e. ANYTHING connected to the outside world. Friend of mine had a direct lightning strike on their house and everything electrical that was plugged into the wall was completely zapped.
  • unplug it! the joule rating of most surge protectors is for a minor flux
  • If you are paranoid then you could unplug it. However, I have lived in an area prone to brownouts, spikes, and other power issues and NEVER had an issue despite running just a (quality) surge suppressor. I lost a cordless phone and a coffeemaker to a spike, but my PC (which was on at the time) didn't even blip or hiccup. Any hit that requires more protection than that will cause enough other problems that you won't care.
  • Buy a surge protector.

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