• If you asked me... yeah, i think they do.. Ultimate purpose... ... SCRATCHING... !!! What other body parts can scratch as good as fingernails..?!?
  • Finger nails serve a very important purpose in protecting the ends of your fingers.
  • ya they protect your fingers Have a Great Day!
  • Scratching an itch. picking your nose. tons of great uses. the natural human tool. Ever peel a sticker off a plastic bottle? HA?
  • They're good for scratching your girlfriend's back. :)
  • Protection for the distal phalanges.
  • as part of the intergumentary system, finger nails, as well as hair and skin, protect your body from excess water loss and are your bodies first means of immunity. The intergumentary system has numerous functions: -Protects the body’s internal living tissues and organs -Protects against invasion by infectious organisms -Protects the body from dehydration -Protects the body against abrupt changes in temperature -Helps excrete waste materials through perspiration -Acts as a receptor for touch, pressure, pain, heat, and cold (see Somatosensory system) -Protects the body against sunburns -Generates vitamin D through exposure to ultraviolet light -Stores water, fat, and vitamin D
  • have you ever tried to untie a knot in string without fingernails?? good for back scratching too
  • to make people bleed?
  • They are a good place to advertise!

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