• i have an extra sony lcd light engine it was for my 60" sony kdf-e60a20. i was sent out to fix my sony ,but after complaining to sears for 2 months i got a new tv, they delivered me the light engine2 days after i got the new tv,they never asked for it back, its been 2 months now, let me know
  • i forgot to put the model # on the lcd light engine it is # 9016712 when i was talking to the tech,he said that its the same light engine in the 42" 50" 55" 60" just less room to work with when installing...
  • The correct part number for a KFDE50A10 light engine is A1123069A. I have one new in the box that didn't get used. Sell for $350 or set up an ebay auction for you to bid on.

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