• Just don't think about it that much, for that leads to walking on eggshells and that hinders the authority of the teacher, for it shreds their confidence. Just be cordial, and should anything arise, apologize if you have to and stay on subject.
  • Everyone evaluated on performance alone.
  • My concerns would be that the students respected one another regarless of race or gender. And that students with disabilites would b treated equal.This will ensure a since of belonging for all children with differences.I would make sure the students knew the rules from the start,there would b a "no bulling" rule especialy due to race or disabilites.A strategy i would use would be to make the students more educated on the different cultures. Student's luv to argue so I would have a debate. I would divide the kids into groups, assigning each group a culture.Have them research there culture thoughly.Then have them debate the differces in each culture.Then I would swap the members of each group, have them discuss the differences in each groups debate. This way the students are learning more than one culture at a time. Repeat the same scenerio with possible dissabilites that some students may have. This increases there awarness of the culture or disability while spending time with the other students as well.
  • Kids are smart and will notice your behavior towards them. I think it would be nice to include assignments based on their different cultures in a positive manner so all can share and learn the value of each culture. Also, maybe have a simple pot luck with each student bringing a food from their homeland. Food is a great teacher in society.

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