• Virtually any **RAW** bone is okay. I have to stress that bones you give your dog cannot be cooked in any fashion or they can become lethal, splintery weapons. The bone marrow is rich both in nutrients as well as calories. If your dog struggles with being overweight, scoop out much of the marrow before you give the bone. The marrow you can then dole out at a reasonable pace. Some dogs will experience either vomiting or loose bowel movements if they are not used to getting bones. If this is the case with your dog, simply decrease the time they have access to the bone until their system adjusts. Since I have a small dog and very large bones, they go back into the freezer between chewing sessions to prevent them from going bad. Always keep an eye on your dog's chewing activity in case they break off pieces of bone that they may choke on, especially if you have a larger dog or one with powerful jaws. If you have to take a bone away from your dog, give them something at least as tasty (to them) as you remove the bone to prevent them from becoming possessive. Allowing your dog to chew on raw bones is great for preventing dental decay and bloat, and the mental stimulation can help with many behavior problems that stem from lack of exercise or playtime.
  • Raw bones are always all right. And I have personally never had any issues with say, cooked beef or bison bones. Big ones.
  • As shared...ALL COOKED BONES ARE DANGEROUS! Cooking or heat treating bones makes them brittle and that means they can shatter into sharp shards! RAW BONES ARE SAFE...EXCEPT FOR.....The big heavy weight-baring bones of LARGE animals...Beef, Bison, Ostrich, Deer, Elk, Moose...those LARGE weight-baring bones are TOO HEAVY AND DENSE!!!!!! We Raw Feeders call them WRECKER BONES...because they CAN CRACK TEETH..if not today, then tomorrow THEY WILL CRACK AND BREAK a dog's teeth up! RAW CHICKEN BONES ARE THE SOFTEST AND SAFEST BONES THAT THERE ARE! The bones sold by pet stores have been either cooked or heat treated and they ARE NOT SAFE! (surprise!)
  • My dog goes gaga over bone marrow. We limit how often we give it to her, because she usually skips a meal after that ... it's very rich and loaded with calories. She has a someone looser stool when she gets a big one, but not a diarrhea.

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