• Needless to say, you should never have had that sexual encounter. it now makes both of you adulterers. The victims of your roll in the hay, are your husband and his wife. this decision is yours: should you tell your now husband or let it lay? Sooner or later, if you do not tell, somebody, somewhere will spill the beans. if so, scratch two more marriages in america. You both have made a mess of two marriages. Why did you divorce, anyway?
  • Yes i think you should cut off the friendship because it sounds like there are still more feelings than just being friends. I am not sure why you broke up but to do something with him that you now regret is not good. Basicaly explain to him that friends don't have regrets after a vist and if you are doing to feel this way you need to keep your distance for awhile.
  • how can u say he bugs you??... yet that didnt stop you from awnsering his calls and going to him and doing somthing that u regret, you should ask your self why did u go to him? do you still have feelings for him? since the both of you and your Ex are remarried you should tell your current husband, in the end he will know and its best coming from you
  • Yes. I keep in touch with my wife simply because she has two of our children and I have the other. We can be friendly about things and talk often - but only really about the children and never about our respective spouses. She made one drunk confession to me not long before her marriage, and I explained why she shouldn't do what she had done. Everything I say I then tell my wife, as she is my life now. I was lucky (though feel quite bad about it) that I had a relationship in between wives. I was on the rebound and the relationship wouldn't have lasted. It sounds like that is what has happened to your ex, but he married her. He now has regrets and is looking to pull you down with him. Now comes my advice to you. If you want your marriage to work you should tell your husband what happened. Dress it up so as to not hurt him too much and so that he doesn't do something stupis and irreversible to your ex. Explain that you are telling him as you want no secrets and you are badly ashamed of how you acted. You husband will then have to make a choice - does he continue to be with you and try to work past this, or does he end your relationship. I know it is hard, but the truth will come out sometime and it is better that you have your chance to explain your version rather than a different version being put to him. You will also definitely need to stop any friendship with your former husband. Tell him he must live with his mistakes and be brave enough to make his own decisions, and that you won't speak to him again. Tell him that you are going to tell your husband and that he will be answering the phone from now on. That will help. At the end of the day, though, you have been foolish and weak, and may have to pay a price for that. I hope your husband is understanding - men tend to be more so than women, so you might get lucky. Whatever else, though, don't EVER do it again.
  • Yes. You may want to seek out counseling to work out whatever is compelling you to maintain this connection with your ex. I wonder how it makes your current spouse feel....
  • Yes, it is time to cut it off. Just think of what this is doing to his wife, (and believe me, she knows). It's the same thing he did to you, (from your other answers). It's also not fair to YOUR husband. I think it's time to make a choice. If you want him back, go for it. But, PLEASE, stop hurting your spouses! I don't know them, but I don't think they deserve this. It sounds as if there is no kids involved, so it should be easier, either way. I know this is a tuff situation, but at least you are thinking about it. Good luck with whatever decision you make. P.S. Sorry. I just noticed how old the question was.
  • It's kind of worrying how attatched you two still are, in my opinion, you should cut the friendship off. This relationship seems so confusing and if there was a reason for your divorce in the first place, it's really not worth sabotaging your second marriage for! Not only for your sake, but your husband and his wife, it's really not fare. I really hope it turns out ok for you, good luck. Take care XxX
  • Ask your new husband and see what he thinks.

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