• It sounds like she was using you, but there's no point in getting upset over it, just chalk it up to experience and move on.
  • I love questions that say "should I be mad" or whatever...forget that. ARE you mad? If so, be mad. If not, don't be.
  • Hey. Just found out she thinks she may have been drugged, she was out of it when i picked her up.. Im concerned about her, she really doesnt want to talk about it, but i feel need to give her space, even though if it were another friend I would get them to talk to someone about it? Not sure what to do.. told her if she does need soeone to chat about it to let me know.. dont want to crowd her, but this not about us.. about her.
  • My choice would be indifference. 5 months ago means (to me anyway) that she's no longer a concern.
  • i wouldve told her to call a cab, shes the one that wanted to break up with you

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