• I've never been to Nice but France is a lovely country. You will have lots of terraces to sit on and watch people go by. You will be able to swim in the mediterranean. Have coffee in the morning with croissants and baguettes and chocolatines, it is all very good. Go for a good meal at night, you can usually get very good food for cheap in France and have a nice glass of wine with it. Life there should be very slow paced, so just try to adapt to it and enjoy.
  • I was in Nice 12 years ago with the US NAVY we spent a whole 13 hours of a two week port call it was cut short we were kicked outta Nice and asked never to come back all I can say is that it is a nice place to go but do not get roudy the French people can not handle the cowboy attitude that some American GI had
  • They have beautiful beaches, Seaside Dining, Outdoor Market, Nice City Streets, Palais de Mediterranee, Palais Massena, Westminster Concorde, Theatre National, Russian Cathedral, Antibes, France, Cannes, France, Monte Carlo, Monacolovely seaside promenade, interesting museums, famous landmarks, like: Promenade des Anglais Baie des Anges Hotel Negresco Hotel West-End Place Masenna Conference Centre La Tête au Carré Gare de Nice-Ville Chambre de Commerce Palais de Justice Colline du Chateau Monument des Morts Cathedrale Ste-Reparate Museums Hotels Transportation Site Guide
  • France is a huge country with a wealth of history and places to visit no matter where you go! I am sorry to say that I am not crazy about the Cote d'Azure! But you will enjoy it I am sure!

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