• Red Cross. If you give it to homeless people they will blow it on stuff that won't help. Red Cross helps people that are in need.
  • Seems to me .. it's your money .. and thus, your decision on where or how you want to spend it, donate it, use it. (I assume you are an adult and not a minor, right? Else .. answer changes! lol) 1) Follow your own heart and mind re: who or what you want to support (what cause, what group, what calls to you ..) 2) Do some research. Learn which groups or projects are involved and active in the areas you care about. See how they manage their money. Check their non profit status. Check anything that would bring you to say "yes, good organization" 3) If you've chosen a global organization - decide which level of it you want to give the money to. International level? National? Local chapter or arm of it? 4) Go for it! Donate your $5000. Do that all in one place or some here, some there .. but every dollar given based on a "match" of your values and desire to help with who you've found with a great track record who's doing "just that". And for wanting to donate to a good cause? Tons of "virtual points" for you. :)
  • as debtahals says do your research first, part of the money that goes to red cross, is taken for administration then rest goes to needs, so find the % on what ever group your choose. You might want to look in your own area and see who needs what most.
  • I would recommend the Red Cross over the homeless in general. Or to a shelter or kitchen that take care of the homeless. I try to give to a charity that has helped me or someone close to me. Right now I am donating to the local hospice and alzehiemers association.
  • the red cross gets millions of dollars. why not give it to a local non profit. you could search for nonprofit yourzipcode. boys clubs and girls club could use some extra bucks for their summer programs. invest in children. they are the future.
  • I am in serious need of $5000. I'm 35, My fiance and I were in a horrible wreck that left him disabled. and can't pay our bills or afford food or medical. We are in an awful mess. you can contact me if you want to help us out. We were supposed to have our beautiful wedding in march of 2009 but can no longer plan it, due to our situation. Our lives are forever changed. any help is appreciated! account name: May God Bless you and yours!
  • I would donate it to my church. I trust them to do the right thing with it
  • Assuming it's your $5,000, then it's your money and you should donate it to whomever you wish. I would do research to make sure that as much of that as possible ends up where it needs to be (and not disappearing down an administrative black hole). As for whether it's the right charity, only you can decide that. This is very much a personal choice, and there are plenty of people with different views on this to make sure that most charities get something. Go with your heart (but do the research first)!
  • I would give the money to a real charity. In my opinion, the Red Cross IS NOT a real charity. It's "top-heavy" with very highly paid management. The last time I heard, the CEO was "earning" over $400,000 per year. BUT to me, that VERY HIGH salary isn't "the kicker". "THE Kicker" - the thing which gets me more upset than anything else - is the fact when they "give" aid and assistance, they give the ladies and gentlemen who are "down on their luck" a bill or invoice. To me, that isn't a worthy charity. When 911 occurred I called to donate blood. I was told by a real live breathing person: "The Red Cross doesn't want any blood. We have enough. Would you just please send us a check?" I HOPE this helps you to give your money to a charity OTHER THAN the Red Cross. PLEASE donate your money to a real LOCAL charity in your area. You should give some of that money to your chrch, temple or mosque. The balance should go to a worthy charity in your area, where you KNOW the money will be put to good use AND STAY in your community. If you live in the metropolitan Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area and you want ideas for worthy local charities, I have two excellent suggestions. However, due to the fact I didn't do a good job of rooting for the Red Cross, please post another Q using this language: "I live in the Philadelphia, PA area. I'm looking for charities to donate some of my money to. Does anyone have any suggestions?" I'll answer that Q. Thanks for asking your Q! I enjoyed answering it! VTY, Ron Berue Yes, that is my real last name! Sources: Because you asked. "THE University of Hard Knocks" also known as ("a/k/a") "life's valuable lessons"
  • Giving the money to the Red Cross is the same as giving it to people in need. So give the money to the Red Cross or divide it up and give it to several charities.
  • Consider your local Women's Shelter; a Soup Kitchen; Salvation Army; Humane Society;
  • Start a foundation in your name or in memory of a loved one at a local school or invest this money and let it grow...add to it....solicit donations to add to it....and have the proceeds (interest) be a bursary for some deserving student. You set the criterion (academic standing for an high school grad going on to post-sec; to assist a single mom going to college; financial need for a kid who is off to college; most community mended student etc...)
  • If it is your personal money. Do what you want to do. No matter who you give your money to, you are doing a good thing.
  • Give it to the homeless shelter in your area..or closest to you..People that really need you are waiting :)
  • OK if I was in your shoes. Here is what I would do. First do a lot of research in your area. Find out how the money can be used for the best. After checking places like soup kitchens, outreach centers, homeless shelters, Salvation Army, etc:. And finding out what their main needs are, in products that will not go to waste. Start making a list of what kinds of dry goods, can goods may be most needed in each place. Then check with bargain stores like Sam's etc: on how you can buy large quantity's of these products at lower prices. Then after doing your math. Set up the best deal you can with one or more stores. So that only these needed products are prepaid for by you. Keep a copy of all your purchases made. And charities like those above can come in with a prepaid pass to receive these products free. Doing it this way. You will know that you used the money wisely & none was wasted or pocketed. For you did all the buying. What ever you choose to do. Just make sure that you learn from this experience. How to wisely handle your money. By doing this. I believe it will make your Father very proud of you......Good Luck my FRIEND.............M.C.S.
  • From what I've heard the red cross is an honest charitable organization.
  • Follow your heart!
  • FORGET THE RED CROSS!!! They are one of the biggest money grabbers and spend most of the moneys they take in on themselves or not for what it was designated for. Very good case in Canada a few years ago when millions was designated for Fla.hurricane relief. The Red Cross kept 80% of the money for their reserve rather than what they said it would go to. The USA is just as bad! If you desire, give it to a local homeless shelter or food bank program. The term here is LOCAL
  • Not the red cross, in fact, no charity organisation, since you have no idea where it will go.
  • its your money so your decision
  • its your money, i think you should decide how you want to use it

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