• Yes I do - the ones you fill from an ink bottle, or that have an internal ink cartridge which you can top-up or replace. O.K. ballpoint pens have their uses; but real old ink pens write a lot better.
  • I occasionally do as I've got a lovely inkwell and pen set from my FIL. I guess I use it to honor his memory at certain times.
  • I wouldn't call it old-fashioned, but I do fill it from an inkwell. Best pen I've ever owned.
  • If by old-fashioned, you mean a fountain pen or cartridge pen? Don't use any cartridge pens anymore although I have a few I've saved just because I like their looks or they have a personal memory attached to them. However, fountain pens are another story. Have some sitting in a nice little storage box. (Now that you've brought it up, might be nice to display them for a little while .. they're great old pens!) But I have one that I use. Not daily. Just for "special times". Might be just because .. and it's me, that pen, a bottle of ink and a journaling session. Might be some specially selected paper and a nice letter-writing session. (then a trip to the Post Office) lol Thanks for asking. Haven't used mine in quite a while, so think I should go see about some ink this week. :)
  • My quill is always ready.
  • No, I don't use pens much at all anymore. I usually buy the cheap package of 10 or 12 for a dollar when school supplies go on sale.
  • I love fountain pens to write, especially journal writing or special letters. Haven't done this in a while. With ball pens i would press so hard it would impress itself through the next few sheets. A fountain pen gives its ink so beautifully. My older siblings that went to catholic school were required to write with fountain pens. Those ink wells with a glass angled pocket inside for easy filling. Also their blotter paper to soak up the extra ink.
  • I never think about it before. I may try this idea.

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