• Absolutely yes.
  • No, it is never a bad time, to look for a job, just dont quit the one you have until, you find the one you want.
  • I suppose it depends on where you are located. Metro Atlanta always has half-way decent jobs of one kind or another, whereas the more rural areas are limited in choice and pay rate.
  • Well Ireland has gone back in to recession so thats why here
  • Yes, but anytime is a horrible time to look for a new job. I hate job hunting. Seriously, as bad as the economy is now, still, SOMEONE is hiring. People are always moving, dieing, retiring,, or being fired. The mistake to make is to stop looking. Someone else will get the nice positions that do open.
  • the worst.
  • There is never a good time to look for a job, neither is there a bad time. You look when you need or are ready for a new job... Get to it!
  • Oh yes. This is a downright awful time to look for a job, and I need one, me and my brother both. But we can't find one.
  • There are thousands of folks in Marietta. I don't think we know each other, sweetie. Before I accept someone's friendship, I check them out to see who they are. I looked at your profile page here on AB! Since you didn't much on there, I followed the link you provided. That's why I asked about Alana and the baby! I don't think I am going to address the three hour hard on, though. Geez.....
  • yes... its a good time to look for other income sources though... be creative☺
  • I need a job right now!! But I feel as though it's a good time to look for one, but not the best time for employers to start hiring -_-' I feel as though I'm wasting my time here >.> I guess the US doesn't need another struggling Asian male with limited knowledge of the world...or anything...or common sense >.<; Man, I need a job, a girlfriend and need to pass high school so I can get into a good college next year, wish me luck everyone!! xD
  • Every company is hiring somebody. We are being hit hard by the sub-prime mortgage slump, but we are hiring people even though we are strategically letting people go. If you have the right skills, you're always employable. The ATL is still a positive job market. Go for it. Let me know what I can do for you.
  • Yes, I just got laid off. So depressing :((

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