• I do all the time. I am in college and no one cares, (I don't think.) They are light and don't tighten when you sit down.
  • That is too funny. I also have to wear briefs and not boxers with windpants (the thin nylon ones) or I can't hide the boner!
  • yeah i mean they feel good so why not wear them? they almost feel too good in fact.. be careful of boners in them!
  • Theres nothing wrong with "wind pants". The way I look at it, I like being comfortable, I'm athletic so I have alot of workout clothes I like to wear around like basketball shorts just because they are comfortable. If anyone has a problem with it, just challenge them to a race...
  • I actually just recently started wearing windpants and I really prefer them because they are by far the most comfortable pants ever. I always just wore boxers, it's funny that other guys notice that too, that I had to go buy briefs specifically for wearing with my nylon pants. Just cuz I guess they felt good and I kept popping boners unless I wore briefs.
  • I love them they are really comfortable, you just feel non-restricited in them. The only two bad things are that they are shiny and noisy. But I think it's kinda fun to be shiny and noisy.
  • I wore them all the time when I was a kid. They really are comfortable. If your wife is gonna pick on you, you could suggest role-playing that you're her personal trainer ;). lol.
  • ive never heard of them but i think you should wear whatever you want

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