• that's like ill scratch ur back if u scratch my bum or even the good old brown eye
  • Although I am very careful not to give respect until it has been earned, there are times when this respect can be damaged and one may want me to do something that I would not do. As much as I hate to lose a friend, I have morals and standards I place highly on myself. And expect my friends to understand and not step past them. If this should happen I would either drop the friend or allow them to pull out of the friendship. The thing to keep in mind is that respect goes both way as does the work it takes to keep a relationship working. If they felt the friendship depends on me kissing ass then they are not as good as a friend as I had hoped for. either way they would be looking for another friend.
  • I would just walk away from someone who would put themselves way up the food chain as if they were seated at the right hand of God. I would wonder if such a person has serious delusions of grandeur perhaps a narcissistic personality disorder. I would certainly delimit my contact with this person to as bare a minimum as possible. If they threaten to pull their friendship, I would tell them to grow up and learn how to treat people as equals. I wouldn't give in after issuing this piece of my mind to that person. The ball will be in that person's court and it would be up to that person to get down from their inflated opinion of him or herself.
  • I would NEVER put up with it
  • I don't kiss anyone's a**. It just makes your life crappy when they decide they want to take a dump on you. I've encountered this situation before, and it usually ends in one of two ways: the person respects me for standing up to them or we don't talk. I'm okay with either. If they threatened to pull their friendship, I'd tell them to consider it over. Again, there's no need to deal with people like that. They just like the feeling of power they have over you. Besides, it's not really a friendship if you're kissing their a** to get it.
  • That would prove that they were not a friend to begin with. I would highly recommend to them that when they go looking for a new friend that they re-assess their values and to walk out into traffic and play hide and go "f" themselves.
  • Heck no, I go my way, maybe we share the same map, or road, maybe we dont. We can cross paths, and we can stay away, kissing ass has never been a highlight on my resume... Well, the AB stripclub, but, thats a whole other story. I am not very easily mislead. I like to lead myself wherever I may go, and friends cant change that part of me, thats who I am, I was that way before I got here, and Ill be that way 10 years from now. I must say, I have had some friends show me the light, and I have changed because of that, but, theres a big difference between the two.
  • I wouldn't respect anyone who expected me to kiss their ass and I sure as hell wouldn't play into their idea of emotional blackmail. If someone had an issue with that, I'd suggest they run along and deal with it.
  • If they threaten to pull their friendship for that reason, then they were never really a friend and I would have no problem letting them go.
  • I don't find it neccessary to kiss someone's ass. Usually, basic respect is enough until the relationship grows. The respect naturally grows as the person shows thier true colors. Someone who threatens the friendship though.....they couldn't DO me any better favor than by leaving. What an ass!
  • I would lose respect for them very fast. They would not have to pull their friendship, I would pull mine.
  • I didn't make Chief by kissing anybody's ass and I didn't start afterwards. That included officers. That attitude didn't change when I retired either. Friendships aren't friendships if people have to resort to such threats. They can feel free to pack up and leave, preferably without letting the door hit them in the *ss on the way out. I will shed no tears over such people.
  • First, I would lost any respect for that person, because he/she does not respect me. So, no, hell no! The person can go someone else to get the "preferential" treatment. Someone with enough low self esteem to o so. And, I'll pull from the friendship because that person showed he/she is not really my friend.
  • A relationship is supposed to be 50-50. If one partner wants their *** kissed all the time, take the threat. You have your self-esteem and this person is not worth lowering yourself for. If the partner really cared, they would not be so demanding. Say, go ahead, leave, see if they do!
  • Real friends do not threaten the loss of friendship. Real friends would not expect you to kiss any bodily parts that are not located near their face. I would be seriously questioning my selection of friends and what exactly it is that makes their friendship special enough for me to put up with that kind of crap.
  • no one I know would expect me to do that. Besides they don't sound like much of a friend
  • I will not kiss anyone's a^s, and if they think I should, don't let the door hit you where the dog should of bit you.
  • I doubt I would get to the point of respecting them to begin with. That's just me.
  • No, because friends/respected ones should treat you as equal, if you kiss their...then they should kiss yours. If they threat to not be friends, tell them its not fair to you and that their not really a friend, everyone should be treated as equals its only fair.
  • I've had this experince countless times. I've had to go to jail for random acts of violence countless of times. Enough said.:D
  • no...come one now you should never kiss someone ass, thats not a real friend!! tell them to piss off!
  • I don't kiss anyone's ass! You need to dump them as a friend! Friends don't treat friends like that!

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