• You need to have a bit of mystory left. Don't say too much at once, answer her questions, let her answer your, etc. Get what I'm saying bro?
  • oh yea.. u should invite her somewhere and talk: messaging is EVIL
  • the thing is how can i ask her to talk to me if she isnt replying?
  • You can try giving her a little time. You may just have come on a little too strong, or she could just be busy now. I know a few guys who email a little too often and write a bit too much when they do. While it doesn't completely ruin your chances right away, it could if you keep it up. Just give it a little time, wait about a week to see if she replies. If she doesn't, you can try one short message, something like, "Haven't heard from you in a while. Hope you're doing well." Try to not seem too desperate or demand response. That can scare a girl away.
  • You must have sent something that is overlooked. Might get her think something that changed her attitude. Give her apologize note. Not too long, just apology if there's any wrong-saying in your sms. Then wait up, might be 1-2 days. Then try to aske her out, just a friendly chat, lunch or supper, anything but dinner (that's considered heavy). Talk to her, smoothly. DO NOT OVERTALK. Later on if your plan works, don't repeat your mistakes.
  • obvisoulsy you like her as well otherwise you would not have wasted the time to text her so much. did you tell her that you like her too and that you would like to get to know her better. Give it some time, you might have over loaded a little on the text. You have her number and she has yours. Leave the ball in her court now. YOu have made your move.
  • never be the one to ALWAYS call or ALWAYS text. you'll seem clingy. let her wonder about where u are or what you're doing.
  • Sounds like it was doomed from the start. Chill. ALWAYS let her contact you. If you don't make yourself hard to get, she'll lose interest as fast as she gained it.
  • i have seen this situation before, you call her again and she might answer or call back , or you could just give up because you probably already blew it. STOP TEXTING!!!
  • Maybe the hook came out.
  • You met a girl last night. You don't know this person, you weren't on a date, and already she "really likes" you and you are over texting. She should have said it was great meeting you and we had a lovely time would be nice to do it again. And let it go at that. There should be no like you or really like you or any other emotional garbage because it doesn't matter what you did, you still DO NOT KNOW each other and personal quotes on depth of feeling are inappropriate at this stage. You should have said had a great time looking forward to seeing you again then drop it for a few days. Id back off and try contacting her in 3 or 4 days to say hi and see if shed like to meet for coffee and that when you guys chat. No texting.
  • You kids and your damn texting. Try talking to people.

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