• he always had his suspicions that the power he had as a young child (anakin skywalker) was too great to be able to control and had his suspicions that he would turn to the sith (dark side)
  • I believe that he always knew his true identity.
  • Great question. I believe that Anakin was badly burned and injured while fighting Obi Wan Kenobi, but that Obi Wan felt that he had left him for dead. Later, I think that Obi Wan realized that Darth Vader was Anakin because, while the Force was strong with him, he was also very difficult to read, as Yoda had mentioned early on. My answer is, no, he was disturbed to discover that Vader and Anakin were one in same, but there was a brief time that Obi Wan thought that Anakin was dead. There is also the perspective that Anakin actually did die when he crossed over to the Dark Side, and that Darth Vader was born then, however, this take does not work well, as it discounts all of psychological details that lead to his crossing over.

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