• I'd say green would work really well. Or you could try a gold shade, if you want to get monochromatic :)
  • Yellow and lots of it. Seriously do you need eye shadow? Your natural coloring would offset the yellow of the dress nicely. Go light with whatever you use.
  • I like my eye shadow to match the color of my dress. Try a dark gold or metallic gold/bronze/brown. LOL
  • OMG I cannot BELIEVE some of the replies here!! green? YUK..GOLD? more yuk!! & METALLIC? yeah, if you wanna look like a hooker from the wrong side of town!!!!!!!!!!!! based on your coloring, you want to wear a medium shade of beige eye shadow.......make it a little darker in the crease and lighter on the lid...blend the dark crease JUST A LITTLE to the area just below your brows.....use a BROWN NOT BLACK NOT BLACK eye liner, and PENCIL NOT LIQUID.... for a nice effect, (you can also do this for everyday) warm the pencil tip between your fingers, then place LITTLE DOTS BETWEEN THE LASHES......yes it may take a few seconds but you'll get used to it......THEN VERY IMPORTANT take a Q-Tip or clean fingertip (CLEAN!!) AND GENTLY smudge the dots together...........knockout effect!! the yellow gown is gonna be 'wow' enough; you DON"T need to complete with it with your eyeshadow colors and end up looking like a clown!!! KEEP IT SIMPLE......LET THE GOWN AND YOU STAND out, not your eye should compliment, so to speak, your entire 'look'....... got kinda detailed there, didn' I? lol..well, I'm a retired makeup artist and really enjoy answering stuff like this........ Let me know if you have any other questions about skincare/haircare/colors to wear, etc.......ALWAYS GLAD TO HELP!!

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