• My left ankle. I sprained it a few times, and ever since then, I've been able to forecast cold snaps pretty accurately.
  • Head only hurts after hail for me! you have quite a skill there!
  • I have been dealing with the same thing my entire life. Only I am able to forecast atmospheric pressure changes when the weather is going to be getting warmer. Additionally, I am pretty sensitive to light changes. In the winter when there is less light, I am much less likely to experience a headache. Strange, I know. But I have always been that way.
  • Not as such... but I can almost always smell lightning when there's a thunderstorm a few miles away.
  • the big scar(which i got at the carwash when the steam wand got away from me) on my right arm, itches when a storm is coming -
  • When the weather changes from say drastically cold to really hot/dry or vice versa in a very short amount of time, like in one day or two, I'm prone to having these crazy nosebleeds. I think my sinuses (And my eyes, too.) are really sensitive and not humid enough and this sort of change doesn't help, Spring being the worse. But yeah, that's not predicting the weather really, just an effect of it.
  • Friend of mine has "rain knees". Her knees hurt like hell about a day before a big rain storm. She did injure her knees a few times when she was a kid, and I read somewhere that this sort of sensitivity to air pressure changes does appear to happen much more frequently in previously-injured joints.
  • I'm pretty accurate at guessing how many days away a rain is just by how it smells outside.
  • im not that cool
  • When I'm in no pain whatsoever, that's when the weather is bad. It's pretty accurate too. Any time I get pain somewhere it's almost always good weather. Sounds crazy, but it's true.
  • ok ok we all know when it's going to rain, or got cold or hot but what do you take to get relief of the head ach???
  • I have accute anxiety, racing heart beat, and pain in my arms and back before a storm. It usually occurs 24-48 hours before it rains and once the storm breaks it goes away.......weird.

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