• I like 'proper paintings' not abstract stuff. Landscapes by people like Constable and Turner, great english painters. Wish i had a original, only got some on tiles though. There is a infamous guy called Banksey in uk which does grafitti art, he's a legend. People have doubled there money on house sales with one of his pics on it, legend.
  • By far, my favorite artists are the old world style painters. I also like giclee works. I hate abstract.
  • I like plenty of different styles of painting but by far my favorite is surrealism and my favorite artist is Dali.
  • I like the paintings of Renoir
  • Classic paintings, old world style
  • I love Neo Classicism, Jacques Louis David, especially the Horatii and the Death of Socrates, very dramatic and amazing detail. You should read up about this painting, the story behind it is very interesting
  • Post Impressionism, I love Van Gogh.
  • That changes often. There are so many good painters that I find it impossible to name just one. Right now, I work with paintings by Philip Taaffe, who I think is a very good painter. See his website:
  • Impressionist painting. Particularly "Un Dimanche de la Grand Jatte". It's located at The Art Institute of Chicago. The painting is huge covering almost a whole wall. As you get close to it you can see that it is made of thousands of dots. The painter, Georges Seurat, was one of the geniuses of the Impressionist/Pointelist school of art. The painting is well worth a trip to The Art Institute. The museum is one of the finest hidden treasures of Chicago. I feel that along with the Field Museum and the Museum of Science and Technology, Chicago has more to offer than any other city of comparable size in the world. Go Windy City!
  • Early Christian Art
  • salvador dali
  • It is difficult for me to sum up, in a couple of sentences, my favorite types of paintings. My tastes in art are as eclectic as in my music. I suppose if I must narrow it down, I would say I generally lean towards the surrealistic movement of the early twentieth century as it is, next to Asian art, what is represented the most in my home. I read the "Surrealist Manifesto" early in my teenage years and from then on, was hooked. As far as who my favorite artists's a taste of a few of the artists that turn me on [in no particular order]... Andre Masson Vincent Van Gogh Ora Tamir Max Ernst Andy Warhol Dorothea Tanning Sawang Charoenpala 'Autumn at Argenteuil' by Claude Monet; not everything he did And last, though most certainly not least, Salvador Dali. The commercialism of his work is a bit disconcerting although I believe the world should be aware of his genius and incredible imagination. I love it when he said, [I paraphrase] "The only difference between myself and a mad man, is that I am not mad."
  • There is no special liking but I like classical works. My all time favorite artist is Michelangelo.
  • 1) Aldo Luongo ______________ --------------------------------------------- 2) Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni ______________ --------------------------------------------- 3)Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio ______________ _____________________________________________ Thankyou
  • Landscapes, i like Monet.:-)+
  • Mark Ryden, Linda Chartier, August Roesler,Andrew Wyeth,Moni Masacure, Paticnce brewster I love things that are not real,yet might be,that are raw and very creative,filled with love and hope,and a dash of extreemisum,protest and poiting out the flaws in life as beautiful,happy Ideas...I am a self taught artist face painting in nj by me my home there you have it...

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