• 'Trinity' if you use the same letters more than once probably not much help but its a cool word....
  • I will try and be of some help to you :) train, brain, any, try, brat, tar, rat, art, yarn, barn, ray, yar, bar, bra, ran, rain, air, airy, bran, bray, tray, ban, nab, bay, tab, bat, bit, tib, rant, ant, tan, tirant, tat, ratty, batty, bitty, tit, rit. so far this is what I found, hope it helps.
  • air, airy, yarn, yin, an, ant, anti, any, art, arty, at, bait, ban, bar, barn, barny, bat, batty, bay, bi, bin, binary, bit, tit, titan, train, tab, taint, tan, tar, bitty, bra, brain, brainy, bran, brant, brat, bratty, brit, by, in, it, nab, nay, nib, nit, rain, rainy, ran, rant, rat, ratty, ray, rib, tart, ratty, ray, rib, tat, tin, tint, tiny, trait, tray, try, tyrant, ya.
  • 7-1-2008 Czechoslovakia, flugelhorn, peppermint, gangland, apricot, barbershop, goofball, bulldozer.

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