• What kind of noise? If you properly bolt the starter back on and still get a strange noise, you may need a new starter.
  • The starter is brand new and today i had the bolts checked and they are fine so i was told it could be my fly wheel and i was told i could just have the fly wheel re-surfaced is this possible my car is an automatic Mitsubishi Eclipse with 122 thousand miles on it? I have put so much money into it that almost everything is new...thanks for the help.
  • Kinda sounds like they omitted the shims during the replacement. im assuming the bolt was not completely loose.
  • the first bolt was loose the person that owned the car before me apparently wanted a quick fix, but the new bolt fits perfectly and the starter doesn't move at all and my car will start it just sounds horrible! do you know anything about re-surfacing the fly wheel...i just wanna make sure another mechanic isn't just taking my money again seems to happen a lot thank you so much.
  • Its hard to explain, its not the same kind of noise it made when the old starter went out. The mechanic that checked it told me the starter was still good and he said without taking my car apart he was guessing that it was my flywheel.
  • Well I hope you tighten down those starter bolts soon. Because if you don't you will destroy the starter & maybe even the teeth on the flywheel. The starter is most likely no problem in replacing. Those can be bought at most auto part stores. But the flywheel can some times be hard to find in stock. Plus it takes much work to replace......Good Luck................M.C.S.
  • You could technically re-surface the flywheel but it would take a long time. You'd need to have a guy under there precisely smoothing out the teeth on the flywheel, then turning the crankshaft, working on the next set of teeth, etc. Easily looking at 2+hrs. I would make sure the spacing is correct. Is the starter an exact OEM replacement or was it just on sale? There is a little device in the starter that retracts the gear after the vehicle is started. My guess is the gear is not retracting enough or properly and causing the sound. Does the sound occur during the entire time the vehicle is on or just when starting it?
  • Here is an example of worn teeth on a flywheel, there is no such thing as resurfacing a flywheel. When the teeth are worn the teeth will no longer mesh well with the starter gear. The flywheel needs to be replaced if it looks like this:
  • it only occurs when starting it once it is started it is fine, i went to auto zone and told them what type of car i have and bought the starter.
  • thanks to everyone for there help...wish me luck!
  • Just make sure all the bolts are tight and listen carefully and if the sound gets no worse it may not be a problem. I had a starter once to sound like a space ship taking off and it never got any worse.

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