• it would take quite a bit but i think i finally got it
    • OrangeDonRump
      All it takes is legitimate evidence that the god is real. Any god. And so far, thousands of years have passed, and nobody has provided anything yet! And the only thing Christians do is confirm that religious belief is ridiculous and completely without integrity or fidelity.
  • When 30,000 men women and children stop starving to death every single day of the year; when babies aren't born with Harlequin ichthyosis What kind of "God" allow this:
  • She would have to present herself to me personally and somehow prove that she's actually right (like bending the laws of physics). Until then, I continue to not believe, for believe implies another possibility, but to know that the laws of physics cannot be manipulated, and that there's no such a thing as a god
  • It would take proof, real proof that I could see and touch.
  • christians could use some visual display to complement their faith. I would like to hear more about the life after death, if there is one.
  • A whole lot. Right now all I have is proof that I should cut my ties to religion.
  • For humans to stop being charlatans.
  • Maybe I can help. I have proof God is a woman and she has a sence of humor! She gave me a penis and a brain but just enough blood to run one at a time. :)
  • he she it would have to manifest in front of me.
  • fair question: for me it's this.. understand I use to believe in God. I prayed to him for years to heal me among other things.. now my health has just gotten worse so here goes; there is one area of my health that if we would totally and completely heal it, fix all the problems and make things like new.. I would believe he exists but he won't.. He didn't in the 37 years i believed in him and I don't believe he will now. I always believed he would take care of me financially...if he takes care of this health problen, then he will be also doing that.. If he doesn't then I will be out a LOT of money for surgery IF death doesn't kill me first. so.. if he does that, I will believe in him and I will believe he loves me and is real.
  • Now that's an awfully large question. It would certainly require more than a holy book. I`m not sure I could answer this, except to say that if the relevant elusive evidence ever came along I think I would know its significance. Hmmmm.....I never really realised just how difficult this question is.
  • It's very simple; Proof, incontrovertible proof. Although, I'd like to ask what exactly is its definition of caring because frankly I don't see a lot of it.
  • I think it's interesting that people keep saying "real proof" Like they won't believe until God is standing in front of them. So here's my question...if you must have physical you believe in George Washington? We don't have any pictures...just people passing it along. We don't have audio or video, he can't ever stand in front of us and say "hi...I'm George Washington" because we would want DNA evidence because we all watch too much Law and Order. God is there, whether you choose to believe or not and He is standing right in front of you all the time...just because you don't have a crime lab at your disposal doesn't mean He's gone. We have just as much proof physically that Jesus existed as we have the G.Washington existed. In fact, we have a great book I could recommend that has his teachings in it. But since you don't want to believe, you will always find reasons not too. La illaha ill Allah, Muhammadur Rasul Allah
  • If he appeared in front of mean and did something that bent reality then I'd reconsider, but I've yet to see any undenyible proof.
  • Proof enough for me to believe in a god. I'm willing to have my mind changed but faith wouldn't do it. I don't believe that there's an uber-powerful Being out there who gives a damned about me or anyone else. Why would this god care about any one person when there are billions of beings just on this planet alone? How would he be able to even spare a thought to one of the billions?
  • Proof, that's all, undeniable proof that god exists. Not some hypocrite on TV telling me god wants me to send him a thousand dollars.
  • sorry to type this as another answer, my "add a comment" button doesn't seem to want to work. Okay, so I got some points taken away for my response...fair enough...I have a question for you atheists though that didn't like my G Washington reference. If no 1 person can possibly know everything known on earth, and earth is such a tiny part of the infinite expanse of space adn the collection that is the can anyone atheist or otherwise say that they know for a FACT that there is NO POSSIBLE WAY that there could feasably be a God out there in all the universe we don't know. As far as what you were saying 23 skidoo....we don't have any of those documents (marriage death land ownership) on well over 99% of the people that lived before 1500...but I'd guess that those other people existed...I'm willing to go out on a limb and say that you believe that too...even though we don't have physical "proof"
  • Not to sound mean, and please don't give - points here...but wouldn't everyone saying you need proof be agnostic and not atheist. Agnostics believe there might be a God but it has to be proven...athiests don't believe it could be possible. Again, not trying to be a jerk, just wondering.
    • AskingForaFriend
      Atheist are further divided into more categories. You can be a gnostic atheist, or an agnostic atheist. There actually is no such thing as just an atheist. You can also be a gnostic theist or an agnostic theist. The vast majority of atheists including myself are actually agnostic atheists, meaning we are only 99% sure there is no god but recognize that since it can't be proven, there is a small chance. It would be really stupid to claim absolute certainty on either end.
  • solid undeniable proof
  • a lot a miracle probably something i can see and touch that cannot be explained by science, ever
  • When I see proof of a god that cannot be of natural means, I will reconsider.
  • There is nothing (I can think of right now) that could cause that. At least not the way you or any religious writings describe he/she/it. I suppose if I lost my mind and went insane...
  • I think Tim Minchin puts it nicely:
  • I would have to be shot like JFK and survive. If I only had 1/4 of my brain, perhaps I could be persuaded.
  • It would be something simple for me like a lobotomy or a brain transplant donated by a chicken
  • Those are two different things. We have no idea what came before the Big Bang, so something that one might call a Creator is entirely feasible. There is no evidence either way, so a Creator is neither more nor less reasonable than a universe that "just began". But that a hypothetical Creator cares about me, or about anything on Earth, I find very hard to believe. The world I see around me shows every sign of "just happening", and no sign of any caring Creator anywhere, So, to answer your question, I would have to see some evidence of the Creator demonstrating his/her care in a way that could not be explained by the normal laws of physics - by quite a large margin.
  • Some sort of evidence would be nice. I'd sure fancy a one-on-one with the cat.
  • More than one source, and christian followers that obey the teachings of Christ.
  • Proof or evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. Not a shadow of a doubt, just reasonable. Like in court. Plain and simple.
  • If there was a creator of the universe who cares about everything in it including you / me innocent children would not get cancer and other horribly painful and debilitating diseases.
  • Proof. A large hand in the sky writing believe might do it.
  • A significant supernatural event like perhaps the return of Jesus.
  • I spent years trying to talk myself into believing in a benevolent god. I failed. The world operates exactly as if there were no god watching over it at all.
  • Atheists are typically liberals. Liberals have a hard time believing in anything greater than themselves. Well, maybe their government.
    • pipey
      You believe every lie your conservative pastor tells you, I'm sure.
  • Objective, empirical evidence of one. I'd accept the return to life of a dead loved one, actually presented to me by a god. Unfortunately for the believers, in the many millennia of religion's existence, they haven't been able to offer a shred of such evidence. All they have is personal belief, conviction, interpretation, and so forth. None of those things represents evidence.
  • A big white goose that lays 24 karat gold eggs at the rate of one a day weighing 16 ounces each. Or the return of Jesus, whichever is easier.😇😇
  • You’re full of bull$hit. There is no such thing as “god” because that’s a fictional character in your subconscious mind which is why you can’t prove your point since you’re delusional. Religious nut jobs are full of rubbish talk and nothing to show for it.
  • Objective, empirical evidence. That 's always been the problem of believers. In the many thousands of years of religion's existence, they have never been able to offer such evidence., not a shred of it. All they have offered is subjective personal conviction, personal faith, personal interpretation. Atheists respect evidence; theists shy away from the very concept when it comes to religion, because they can't come up with any.
  • It would take physical evidence to prove your point that there’s a god but that will be a never because this god character is in your delusional mind. Religious nut jobs fail to provide physical evidence in their stupid claims and remain unconvincing since they are full of meaningless words and using a fairytale bible as an excuse so you people fail with proving your point. Religion is bull$hit

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