• Ever hear of Billie Jean King?
  • Appears to be a modern requirement. I read about a similar issue with the women's golf tour.
  • I think there's a whole lot of truth in that ! It's the same with Danica Patrick racing in the Indy League. I'll admit , I never watched Indy racing until she came along. She's just so damned hot ! ;-)
  • There aren't very many model-like tennis players. Sharapova and Ivanovic are gorgeous, but they are the exception. Many of them are physically fit - but not all - however I think this is a byproduct of the physical demands of the sport. Jelena Jankovic is a prime example, if she weren't a tennis ace we wouldn't see her as a model. Bethanie Mattek definitely wouldn't be considered a amateur fashion designer if she weren't a tennis player. She looks ridiculous. I do watch Women's Tennis almost as much as I watch Men's Tennis, and I definitely can't say the same about the WNBA. Not taking away from the WNBA, but Women's Tennis is elegant and pretty exciting. The hot bodies really don't hurt, though.
  • I think they are just very physically fit and that matched to an even semi pretty face can be considered very attractive.
  • What about Martina Navratilova and Billie Jean King?
  • I don't think so. You gotta have the skill to do what they do. Give the pretty girls some credit for their skill! =]
  • Yes; aren't they delicious, some of those girls? Today my pick would be Ivanovic or Dementieva. Serena was just so sexy and beautifully put together there too a few years back. The delightful Martina Hingis was another lovely put together dish also. Loved Steffi and Kim Kjlisters also - both just lovely chicks. But of course, it's also great to watch their great tennis skills. I also just love watching their tennis. I think you could watch them for both reasons really.
  • I watch for both, but I will admit that I watch mostly for the women. Not all of them are hot, but many are. I still think Gabriella Sabatini" is the hottest tennis player ever, and "Maria Sharapova" has legs that just seem to go forever!
  • People who watch sports just for the looks of the athletes have really ruined it. The exploitation of women that play sports has really sky-rocketed. The reason many look the way they do is just because of their intense training not because they want to be the best looking on the court (most of the time). What people are doing to the sports world has really ruined the enjoyment of watching because now its all about watching for their looks instead of skills.
  • I don't have an answer for you; just more questions: How do you know that "many people watch tennis...because of the (pretty and sexy) women, not because of the game itself?" Did you actually go to a number of events and poll at least 100 paid attendees, who all said, "Yes, we can't stand tennis, but love spending upwards of $50 per day to see the sexy women play?" Or is it just you and your two beer buddies watching (and recording, I'm sure) tennis games on TV instead of getting dates? That's 100%, so I suppose your hypothesis is right! ;) Hyperbole is great for politicians. Are you running for something? If not, maybe you should at all the angry women behind you, because, you're definitely going to be running!
  • Well... a healthy diet, all that time outside in the sun, the fitness regime, health regime - its hard not to be pretty and sexy when you look after your body that well!

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