• We do..I know you're supposed to drink what you like with whatever you want..that's what we do. We feel that white wines are better with seafood, poultry and even pork because the red wines tend to overpower the food..beef, on the other hand, is definitely enhanced with a good red wine...a white wine would not stand up to the robustness of the beef. Just our tastebuds talking! Vive la difference! :)
  • Sure, it's a good rule of thumb at least to use if in doubt. :)
  • I actually wrote an article for my newsletter and website titled "4 Tips For Pairing Food and Wine" that was subtitled "Red wine with meat, white wine with fish isn't the end of the story." I got a bunch of good feedback on it. It's at It isn't about specifying the wine with a particular food. It's about how to go about deciding on a wine for your meal. One quote from the first paragraph:“'Red wine with meat or dark sauces or red fleshed fish; white wine with white sauces or white fleshed fish,' doesn’t roll of the tongue quite as easily, though." Paul 67 Wine
  • Not anyone I know...we all prefer red so we just do something light like a merlot, pinot noir, etc... REally, I actually prefer red with all meals and as long as you don't get a wine that overpowers the food, it will be delicious!
  • I do white with poultry, pink or rose with pork, and red with beef.
  • Most people still do, yes. However, it is becoming more acceptable for people to drink whatever they wish based upon taste rather than color. This view has even been put forth by some old-school wine experts, even from France. I image this is because there are so many different wines out there, with all their different flavors and aromas, that it is beginning to make sense to some that basing which wine to go with which food doesn't really mean much if you don't like the flavor/brand/color/price or what have you. There is something to be said, after all, about a wine whose flavor otherwise compliments a meal. But of course, this is a personal thing. Appearance and tradition mean a lot in the preparation, presentation and consumption of a meal, as much as the actual taste even, when it's all put together. If in doubt in a more formal setting, go with the traditional rule. Otherwise, drink what you think best suits your tastes!
  • I have headaches with white wine and I love red wine, so I will drink red wine (or a good beer), no matter if there is a fish or anything else in the plate. :-)
  • i'm kind of a beer snob, i try to pair the correct beer with the meal. it's more difficult than choosing what wine gos with what. there are so many different varieties of beer, it's actually pretty fun trying to find the perfect combination ;)
  • Yes I do.
  • not me, i dont drink
  • I do. Red wines typically pair well with red meat because meat stands up to the tannins, but you can substitute rich, full-bodied whites.

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