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  • He has a girlfriend problem though that's for sure. You should tell this sicko that he's contributing to the objectification of women, lying to you, goofing off a work as well and heading for a life of lonely perversion. On the other hand it might be a phase. But get rid of him anyway
  • I know a woman whose hubby is addicted to porn, and she has a little daughter. Some of his "sites" are extremely sick and he didnt want sex either, and either did she after awhile, so she left him. IF your boyfriend cannot stop watching porn I would say he has a problem. Anyone with an addiction is in denial, so of course feels he does not have a problem. I am not sure, but if I were you, I would have a heart to heart, and tell him if he continues to watch porn you are GONE, or suggest he get some help.
  • Addiction. it comes in many forms. porn is as addictive as meth, only in a different form. he needs counseling. You are a brave person to stay with him. i would insist he go to counseling or you should leave him. porn can lead to other forms of behavioral problems. If he loves you enough, he will voluntarily go to counseling.
  • have you considered that your boyfriend may have a fetish that he needs in order to feel fulfilled sexually and, after your reaction to the perches of internet porn, he feels that you would be disgusted by his needs. try talking with him in a casual, open minded manner. tell him how you feel and find out what he is feeling. maybe you should even try watching some of his pornography with him. it may greatly improve your love life and strengthen your relationship. also remember that just because he is looking at adult materials does not mean he has lost interest in you or wants someone else. men are very visual and WILL look at other women even though they have no intention of straying. "it's are nature."
  • I feel for you.
  • It is clear that he doesn't seem to have an emotional outlet. I read this great article on the effects of porn on man. I'll post it up if I find it again. It talks about how the modern life puts too much emotional stress on males, (being the providers of the family), and how they become numb to sexual feelings. Being male, I often get tempted, but convince myself that those girls aren't real enough. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". You decide what's beautiful. You Conjure up the good and bad thoughts. Edit: The article:
  • So???? Its not like he's cheating..

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