• Some of the stages and more technical stuff about labor and whelping can be found here: If none of the other symptoms are there, then I would strongly urge you to take the dog to the vet or at least call a vet and do a question and answer routine - s/he will ask questions to rule out other potential issues. Most likely she has entered into the first stages of labor, in this case then in about 6 to 18 hours you should expect visitors (puppies).
  • You're at a point where labor may occur!! I just posted a note to someone else who has a dog pregnant at 59 days... (Hmmm, may be you!) I'm going to put the response here as it may give you a better idea of what to expect. But, before I do, the behavior you describe, can indicate the beginning of labor. Depending upon how long this has been going on, I'd take a temperature and it'll give you a better clue. Read on... and good luck! The first sign is a drop in temperature... and at 59 days, whelping could occur anytime!! The normal temp is between 100 and 101 but they drop to about 98 when labor begins! She's going to refuse food and water - but keep water available!! Typically, the first sign is "restlessness" and "nesting," as in preparing a place for the pups. Some dogs move off to a quiet location, others gather soft stuff, others find whatever spot and tend to walk in circles!! You'll notice a different behavior - she'll probably turn and look at her side or licking herself. She's going to need to relieve herself more often at this point - and may even have a bit of diarrhea!! Contractions that aren't painful can be felt if you put yourhand on her side and these usually show up every 10 minutes and last 20-40 seconds. After a while, they'll be coming every 7 minutes or so. She'll probably be panting and acting uncomfortable, or anxious. Just hang tight! As they get closer, so does delivery!! When they are about a minute apart, you're at the big moment and you'll SEE the contractions and may last up to a minute or so! When you see her lifting her tail and having contractions one after the other (she may cry now!), it's time! There will be a bit of lubrication discharged, followed by PUPPY!! After each pup, MOM should clean them and nibble off the umbilical cord... but you can move the pup to a nipple while you wait for the next pup to arrive. I found it helpful to remove the puppy from the whelping box as she delivers the next so Mom doesn't accidently squish one/them! As soon as the next pup is out, replace the pups!! IF YOUR DOG HAS GREEN, FOUL SMELLING DISCHARGE, IT MAY WELL BE AN EMERGENCY... Call the vet and describe... Good luck!!
  • anything is possible, ask your vet

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