• No one can tell you what to do. However you are cheating on two women and that is not fair to either of them. I would say make up your mind, and choose one, or play the field and be upfront with them, by explaining that you are not ready to make a commitment..
  • I guess it would be fair to say that you don't waste any time. It sounds as if you are somewhat confused and you don't really know what you want. If you love somebody, that is a reason to try to make things work. However, a long term relationship is not foreseeable when there are problems in the relationship. Your new girlfriend may just be a rebound to keep you away from lonliness and a broken heart. Rebound relationships are usually short term, so keep it in mind that it may not work out. Take some time off and decide what you really want. After all, cheating on a person is selfish and classless. I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate your girl having another man on the side.
  • Immediately - finish with your present girlfriend. You took her on the rebound and it isn't fair to her in the slightest to be in a relationship like that. Next - sit down with your ex and decide whether you want a relationship or not. Be grown up about it. If it's not going to work then move on.
  • Ive been through exactly the same thing that you have. It ruined the wonderful relationship that I had with the girl. She meant a lot to me but my ex made me think that we could be together again. I think you should try to get over your ex and expand your horizons.
  • It sounds like your new chick is just a rebound. why did you break up with your girlfriend?
  • Take a good break make a definite decision before you crush both
  • tell them both the truth, break up with both of them, then with a clear conchance and head decide on your own what to do.
  • why are complicating your life. i think you're the one starting up all this drama. you're a total cheater.
  • You are using both of these women and you should stop right now. It seems to me you only dated your present girlfriend to be with your ex. If so be the case let down your present girlfriend gently and go back to your ex and stay there.
  • Keep your pants on for heaven's sake! Geez.
  • Some people say that when you fall off the bicycle the best thing to do is get right back on. Sometimes though, you fall off into a pile of leaves and are unscathed and other times you fall off and over a cliff. If you fall over the cliff you need to stay away from bikes for a while until you heal. Seems your fall of the ex girlfriend "bike" wasn't all that damaging. If it was, and you got back on anyway (other girl) you must have been trying to prove you're still a great rider. I honestly don't believe you "love" your ex. I know you believe you do and will defend that until you two break up again, but how can you? If you dropped 500 bucks into a hole you'd spend a great deal of time trying to dig it out wouldn't you? Sure you would. With a person you "love" however, you just move on within a week to something new without trying to retrieve something of considerably greater value. You don't love your ex so stop saying you do. You don't love this new one either obviously so why should her feelings matter to you either? My answer is this. Tell your ex girlfriend that you "believe" you want to get back together with her but can't just yet because you need to be a better person for her. One she deserves. Tell her to give you 30 days, then get counciling. If you don't address the issues about why you climbed back on that bike so fast with the other girl, rather than trying to fix your ex's bike you're headed for another fall.
  • Finish with both off them.. you need a little time on your own after a serious relationship, spend time with your friends and on your own.. Enjoy yourself, and then think seriously about getting back together with your ex. Good luck and have fun! x xx
  • think with the head that is on your shoulders not in your pants. it will be a lot easier to solve that way. geez louise,
  • You don't seem to like your current girlfriend at all. Why are you with her?
  • you need to think really HARD why you broke up with the first girlfriend in the first place? play the scenario in your head, is that problem really gone away or still there? also have you thought about that your ex maybe just trying to get your life messed up by ruining your relationship with your new girlfriend before leaving you again??? trust me women do do wiered stuff also before you think of leaving your new girlfriend, pause and think about her feelings too, whast her fault?
  • Get rid of both of em, from the sound of it you dont have a problem getting a g/f anyways. Hang out with the guys and figure out why it is you get a girlfriend to begin with. The guys will be glad to give chick advice, and even if the advice is stupid. You at least know what you disagree with and can use that to figure out what you want out of a g/f. Happy hunting.
  • Fist, stop playing games, you need to make a decision, man up! You hedge around making a decision, then say I dont know what to do. You say you love your ex, if you do, you would want to be with her no matter what. So your brilliant idea, was to sleep with her, then, say, "Oh, I am not really sure what I want"???? That's Love??????
  • If you're serious about the new girl, tell your ex to go jump in a lake.
  • I think you need to spend some time realizing how much your actions can affect people.
  • First dont cheat on your present girlfriend anymore. You broke up with your ex for a reason and you should probably stay broken up. Decide what you want, come clean to the girl you cheated on, and see what happens.
  • you need 2 weeks of not speaking to either woman to get your head straight. you jumped in to a new realtionship way too quickly. there is no excuse for cheating on someone. you need to end it with the girl your with and hav some time alone to think
  • whoa thats REALLY complicated... you should just take a little time off from girls in general. reassess your personal/professional life!
  • You are a mess. I feel sorry for anyone who gets with you right now. You don't know what you want, and you are incapable of being faithful to anyone right now. Of course, here you find yourself, with two great women who are willing to bone you at the same time, knowing your situation. Keep it up until it gets too messy, then cut bait. Keep it up, drink to cope, feel regret, question, wonder, and experience copious amounts of self-doubt. Then, once you're done, sack up and become the man you once were again.
  • Take a break from both ladies and think really carefully about what you really want. You're too confused right now to be much good to any woman.
  • if you had felings for your ex theny did you howed your fake emotions and love to your present one.. it means you r cheating her... so do one thing ask ur ex out wt she feels abt you... ow a days. doeshe still likes you...if she loves you stil wants to get back andomewre you to fels like patching up with her.. then plez tell everything to your exand your preent gf...and break up with him telling her tht i dont wana hurt you.....i don wana double date,,,and y am i telling you to tel ur ex too coz thir shud be no talk left hiding from your partner which later on becomes a reasn for breakup
  • Isn't life grand? You should thank God that you have the choices you do. The rest is up to you.

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