• aside from physical features, really friendly and sociable =)
  • on here, the way things are spelled e.g. color when i would write colour. oddly, when i worked as a waitress, a guy came in and ate a meal by himself and just had coca cola, not a beer and i just KNEW he was American, im not sure why but it seemed like a really American thing to do
  • that they get to drink Starbucks coffee, and ive never even tried it :)
  • The accent
  • I'm an American, but I've lived overseas many years. I can usually hear an American before I can see them. We tend to speak louder, in my opinion.
  • My sister lives in Germany and said you can tell the Americans because 99% of the men, military or not, have the same haircut.
  • Verbally, it's from the use of particular words and accents. Visually there's not a lot of difference. I have no idea what they taste like.
  • The accent usually does it - however for non north Americans it's difficult to tell Canadian from US. Canadian relatives tell me that Americans are brash loud mouthed and arrogant - Americans tell me that Canadians are shy reserved and not very talkative - I find neither is really true but both are partly. Americans seem to drive very slowly, but not very safely, and find English driving a terrifying experience. Often they have a very poor understanding of Geography and History (especially NBC commentators at the Olympics) but tend to be pretty good at Maths (apart from counting Chinese Gold Medals). It's actually a very difficult thing to do as most American's you meet outside of America are not typical - because they have travelled - most Americans don't !
  • I want to answer, even though I am American. I do live overseas, however. And honestly, I can almost always spot Americans because of how loud they are or how they are dressed. If that's not the case, the English will give it away, as I am so used to hearing Dutch spoken around me, other languages tend to stick out.

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