• yup, you can.
  • I certainly would think so. The statue of limitations on felony auto theft probably runs into years!
  • Yes. Vehicle theft is a felony. The statute of limitations is different in each state. No problems prosecuting after just two weeks.
  • thank you both for responding. the police department that handled the situation are telling me that i can't, it was basially a do it then or never. they have closed the case and won't allow me to press charges now. how could i get them to reopen or can i? or should i go to the local district attorney to press charges. thanks again for your advice.
  • thanks, what happened was: an auto body shop repaired my car, we had a financial squabble after i picked my vehicle up in march. on june 3rd they came to my work and took my vehicle, and emailed me that my car was ready for pick-up on their lot, because no resolution came about over the financial matter. they made a copy of my key and drove my vehicle away. i had to prove that i have had my vechicle since march, which i could because i had tires put on and a state inspection done in may. they auto body shop went through my car taking out all receipts from march through june---i know this because they took my receipts out of the glove box for my tires and bulb replacements. i didnt press charges at that moment becuase i needed my car and that was my main concern. the officer's had me write in my written statement that i didn't want to press charges "at this time". i wasn't aware that if i didn't then, that i wouldn't be able to. i've had time to digest what happened and know their doing this practice to others. hope that helps some. thanks again.
  • Apparently, this is a gray area, involving a mechanics lien over some work, by the body shop, on your automobile. if you did not pay for the body repair, then the body shop, by law, has a right to recover their loss. in this case, your automobile. a mechanics lien exists in each state. The manner in which the body shop "took" your vehicle, may be in question, especially making a key to take your automobile. This is about 95% a civil case. Best advice is to contact an attorney. The officers, at the time of your police report, should have advised you of the civil status with this incident.

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