• It depends on how their Mother & Father raised them and how they treated them as they were growing up.
  • Unfortuntaly MCS NO. I'm very lucky with my daughter but I fight with my mother constantly. If my daughter ever said to me what I say to my mom, I'd be devastated
  • I believe at least 50% do. It is sad but in most cases it is the parents fault that their children do not respect and honor them.
  • I believe ever child is born innocent but depending on the set of parents they have will be the guide to the path they will be set on. There is a % that get poor parents and their path can be rough, depending on how Strong the nature of the child will say what kind of person they become as they are exposed to other parents, teachers and good people along the way. Small amount will just wing up being bad no matter what, could be nature, genes call it what you want who knows, maybe they can help them selfs and maybe they can't or maybe they are beyond caring who knows. I can I am lucky both of mine respect me and honor me 100%, one I gave birth too and one I we took in to our home when she was 10, she's our sweet baby girl all 5'8" of her, they both honor us and respect our wishes when ever there home to visit.
  • As long as they felt loved by their parents growing up. I think they do. At least, I'd like to believe they still do. :)

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