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  • G'day Anonymous, Thank you for your question. My suggestion is that you watch how he masturbates as he will know what makes him feel good. Regards
  • Wrap your hand around it.....and gently stick it in your mouth......
  • He needs to teach you and you need to teach him what works for you. We could all tell you what we like but we're all different and much of it might not apply to your boyfriend.
  • Make sure you don't do it should spit into your hand and rub it on him and keep it wet. Start out slowly and then gradually go faster. He'll enjoy it even more this way.
  • Some cocoa butter and wrist action. You really can't go wrong with those two:)
  • as per my boyfriend "say dont give him a hand job give him a blow job"
  • i read this in a magazine, and it actually worked pretty well on my guy. start out slowly and gradually get faster. when you get pretty fast, stop, and push his dick gently downwards in his pelvis and slowly rotate it. then start up again slowly and get faster. keep doing this until he cums. pushing downwards on his dick should help to get his g-spot. best of luck!
  • Use a little lotion to make your hand slide and when he is really hard pay attention to the bottom side of head on his dick it is very sensitive there

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