• At the risk of getting a bad rating, I'm going to give you the most truthful and accurate answer to this question...because politicians are control freaks who are drunk on power and love to tell other people (even when those other people are acting in ways that are mutually consensual) what they must do and may not do, under threat of violence for disobeying.
  • depends on which website you believe, on whether or not there has "never been a death in an MMA match"
  • I don't recall any deaths that were a result of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. There was a death in a Russian held competition, but I believe that was after the UFC was banned in New York. The UFC was banned because of the perceived cruelty, due to the lack of gloves and rules governing areas that can be struck. From what I've seen, the referee in the UFC does a pretty good job of stopping the fights after one of the competitors surrenders or is incapacitated. The competitors are also screened for their skill, so the resulting matches are not "toughman" style amateur fights. Similar contests are held regularly in Japan, and I have not heard of any deaths resulting from them. There are amateur "cage fights" that sprung up after the UFC first became popular, but I am not aware of safety measures taken or their professionalism. Ironically enough, it has been mentioned before that "reality" style fights such as the UFC may be safer than boxing. Boxing gloves allow repeated punching to the head over a long period, resulting in brain trauma. Since the UFC & similar contests have little or no hand protection, hand strikes to the head are riskier for the attacker, as the attacker risks damaging the knuckles or wrist, so hand strikes to the head were not employed as frequently (the UFC has moved to using thin gloves, but the number of hand strikes does not seem to have increased to the levels seen in boxing). Also, when a competitor is knocked out by a strike, and cannot defend him/herself, the referee stops the match. There is no standing count, so no further trauma is inflicted. In addition, the majority of the matches are spent grappling, and most of them end as the result of a submission (i.e. a joint lock or a choke).
  • Um actually there has been a death. Thats why it was banned in most of the countries around the world many years ago. I remember reading about it on one of the ufc video boxes that I bought. I believe they've changed a few rules or something and that why they've been able to come back. I've been trying to find more about that incident but it seems to be hard to find. IE I am assuming they don't want it to be rehashed.

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