• good... as best put by charlie brown... because if it was not there then people would not care about the lives they screw up with their actions
  • It's like a hole in the pit of you'r stomach, emptyness.
  • A deep feeling lurking within that overwhelms you when you consider the thing it concerns; it dominates your whole system until you get yourself back together and get over it. Getting over grief is a great human challenge, one we all have to face throughout our lives, and have to learn how to deal with.
  • its a horrible feeling of loss and emptiness that consumes our body and mind.
  • an painful emotional response to a loss
  • It's the worst feeling in the world. You feel like your heart is going to break into a million pieces I consumes you to a point where you feel like you can't breath at times It's my wish that no one close to me every has to experience that feeling.
  • You know, it's different for everyone. I used to be a grief counciler and no two people gave me the same description of it. It's just important to know that it's normal for it to differ from everyone elses and everything you feel is normal.
  • The pain you feel when a harsh reality comes to light.
  • Its the worst feeling in the world.. it takes over your life and just when you think its gone, a huge wave crashes over you and it all begins again. Its a pain deep inside that nothing or nobody can cure, its emptiness, its loneliness, its hurt and anger all rolled into one...i wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy coz you know never goes away. You wake up in the morning feeling like you just want to crawl back under the covers again because when you sleep you dont know its there. You feel hollow but you also ache at the same its really hard to express what its like unless youve been there.
  • A consuming feeling of sadness that eclipses your life in darkness and despair.
  • Sad, lost, sick and confused...
  • No one ever told me grief felt so much like fear. C. S. Lewis Before I even heard the words announcing your death, I knew. Everything—the world outside my head—slows down. It fades into oblivion—save this very moment. In this moment, every sensation is aware and on alert, yet I know and am aware of nothing with certainty; it is a moment of contradictions. My heart pulses erratically as though it does not want to remain in its encasement. The blood pounding in my ears is deafening, drowning the words I already know. I cannot gasp a full breath though my chest heaves as I suck in too much air. My head, aching from the pounding blood, drifts dizzily into a state of lightheadedness. My arms grasp my head in a futile attempt to stop time, while my feet, no longer rooted to hold me fast, forcibly lead me away from the somber herald into the sanctity of my closet. This fight or flight response results in my emotional and physical collapse. Guttural cries erupt from unknown bodily depths trying desperately to negate your death notice— its validity, its certainty, its very existence. Hot tears sting my face and soak my clothes in an unending flow. I push away arms seeking to comfort me, really desiring to shove away the pain. An emptiness settles within me, cloaking bone, muscle, and soul. Sensory overload gives way to numbness. Not really numbness, but pain—a dull, all-encompassing, intense ache. Pain, grief, and fear hold me firmly in their clutches. And I wonder how I will ever survive your death. Even now. Still.
  • it's like a cannonball just hit you in the chest and left your entire being hollow. that is my memory of how i felt when i learned Blank Savage had died.
  • The days and night are the same, time seems to stand still. It's a raw feeling in the middle of you stomach. It is darkness, when there is light, it is hopeless, when there is hope, it is a frown, when we know how to smile, the lonely feeling when you are not alone. You cry out for help, no one can hear, you cry in silence for grief has no mercy.
  • For me it was a great sadness when my dad died lasted many months. My mom was ill and deteriorating for a long time, so her passing was not as sad because we were prepared for it and her quality of life was no longer good. I think grief is different states of being for different people.
  • It is burying a part of yourself, that can never be regained in this world.
  • Can you take the feeling of physical pain and turn it into emotional anguish? To me, that's what it feels like to grieve. It's like something inside is hurting, physically. But it's not a physical pain.
  • Imagine a pane of glass, the length and width of your entire body. Imagine it being shattered into a thousand shards. Now imagine those shards are inside your bloodstream, flowing through you and slicing through every vein in your body each time your heart beats. That, to me, is what grief feels like.
  • ALL of the above and then some. Grief hurts in your whole body, and effects your whole life...
  • good grief charlie brown...nuff sedd
  • as it says in a series of unfortunate events its like reaching the top of the stairs and thinkin therse one more step than there is
  • It's as of you are locked in a glass bottle and can not hear or breathe. All you feel is excrutiating pain. There is a horrible painful silence inside of you. The world goes on but you are locked away in hurt..........

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