• Of course you should - if you have a conscience. My mother was once randomly evicted and given two weeks to leave, it was horrible. I'd imagine this would be any single parent's nightmare, she could really benefit from your generosity.
  • It would be very kind and generous of you to allow her to stay for a few months. However, you need to be very clear about all intentions in the beginning when you talk to her about the situation. There must be a plan of action on her part to be able to start receiving income. Don't make the mistake of saying "OK for a few months"... make sure you both have the same end date in mind. Also, maybe check and see if she is willing to do some extra work for the reduced rent. If it is an apartment building maybe she could clean the hallway once a week or something. If you work with her and she works with you it could be a very easy few months, and in the end hopefully she will be able to find a new home or be able to pay you the full rent again. Good luck and hugs! :)
  • If you can possibly get along with the reduced rent, you should renegotiate the rental agreement. Make sure that it will protect your rights, in addition to helping her. After all, you are not a government agency. Help her find out how to regain the section 8, or another similar program. There are many short term relief programs available. My elderly renters are constantly coming up with excuses why they can't pay the rent, and it is a constant pain. There is no way I could possibly toss out two elderly women on SSI, so I have to take what I can get every month.
  • Yes, the reason why is where is she gonna go, for whatever reason she lost her section 8, you should help her out at this time of need. Just think your doing something a good hearted person would do.

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