• I'm not positive about Planned Parenthood but I am positive about your states PUBLIC HEALTH office or DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH. Look it up on the internet and choose "Family Planning". They charge you based on your income (I work part time, make about 15k a year and it's all free for me). Yearly PAP exams, medication (pills, condoms, shot your choice)...also, all other sexual health related care is covered:breast exams, std testing and education. Another great benefit is if you decide to get pregnant,they cover that as well. It's a REALLY great, not very wellknown alternative to Planned Parenthood. Washington State (My home state) California Public Health New York States Department of Health Services
  • In Pennsylvania Planned Parenthood will adjust your fees on a scale according to your income. It can be a great help when you need care but have no insurance.
  • Yes! This is the PURPOSE of Planned Parenthood. You are billed according to your ability to pay.
  • Yes! When I lived in CA pills were free but when I lived in AZ they were $16 a month--a great deal!
  • yes if you are in ca b.c. pills r free
  • Thats why they exist. For women who do not have insurance to give them low cost birth control options.

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