• yes, a seagull.. and u just made me think of a question.. :) thanx :)
  • many times.
  • yes, too many to count, my moms always been a little animal savior, kinda rubbed off on me
  • Without a doubt and many times over :)
  • Insects I put them out of their miseries.
  • yes i used to bring alsorts home as a kid, birds, frogs, hedgehogs, dogs and cats.
  • I'm alway's finding half road kill and bring it back home to play nursy.
  • If it isn't a dangerous animal like a badger or porcupine I try to help it. I've helped many birds, turtles and other small critters. I even drove an injured baby rabbit to a veterinarian's office 20 miles away last summer (the poor thing didn't make it though, must've had internal injuries).
  • YYYYYEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • does a hungover human count
  • tried to help a bat that got left behind by the parent. unfortunately it died.
  • I helped a bird once
  • I did not help a wounded animal but I helped raise two baby birds after the tree they were in fell down during a hurricane.
  • Yes, many. To name a few, I've nursed a wounded deer, a redtailed hawk that was shot through the wing, a baby great horned owl that had fallen out of a nest and been attacked by our cats, a jackrabbit that had an abscess.
  • yes... my husband found an injured owl in the woods once and brought it home, we tried to help it but it died in the night. we've also nursed a kitten back to health and rescued a blue jay from our cat
  • I've "helped" a lotta 'injured' trout into my stomach! Does that count?! ;-)
  • I gave my dog the Heimlich manuvuer (sp?) once when he was about a year old. What a trip! It freaked my wife out big-time, but I saved his life! ;-)
  • I remember. It was more than 14 years ago, when I helped a beautiful bird out of entanglement on my mango tree. It was slightly hurt because of the constant struggling to go free. It pecked me on my hand but I managed to free it from the entanglement and then set it free.
  • Yes, many times -- animals tend to gravitate to my house. . .
  • OMG!!! i have helped so many stray animals!!! i love them! for some reason my heart is so delicate that when i helped this baby jay bird wen he fell of his nest and so many cats were around it, i had to take it. i nursed it nd fed him this special formula for it. Sadly the next day he died in his sleep. i was so sad i cried as if it was a child. my family laughed at me because they thought it was a stupid thing to cry for. :(
  • Yes, a couple of wild birds that flew into our picture window when I was young and lived with my parents. I put them in a shoe box, dug worms for them and fed them...til my parents found them and made me bring them to the Humane Society. A few years ago, there was a dying mourning dove in the alley next to us and I took it to the humane society (it was being tormented by the local cats). Long story short, it's mate ended up "mourning" for it for the next week or so.
  • Yes I have. I have brought many song birds back to life. Actually a month ago a Blue Jay was being savagely attacted by two crows. I saw the comotion and rescued the poor thing. It was pretty shaken up and I thought it wasn't going to make it. But about 3 hours later I released it as good as new. It is such a great feeling to know you helped. However, it doesn't always work out for the best.
  • Yes, a fawn was hit by a car and had some serious wounds so my mother and I cleaned the wounds, which was really gross considering the maggots but the fawn lived and actually became relitively friendly over the years. We'd feed it apples. It was quite rewarding.

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