• The story of Ed Gein, who was a serial killer from Wisconsin. He did kill people and use their skin to make things, and yes, this included a mask. But he didn't use a chainsaw, and the mask wasn't that big a part of his story.
  • Actually, it was only proven that Ed killed one woman. The rest of the body parts found in his house, were taken from the local cemetary. He made a belt from women's nipples. Now, tell me that doesn't take talent. He only killed that one woman, because he ran out of bodies in the cemetary (so the legend goes.)
  • Here is one article..EWWWWWWWWW
  • on serial killer ed gein
  • of what i heard a man had skin cancer and was exremely bullied coz of facial disfigurement so as he turned in to a teenager her murded men and women to use there skin to transform his face, i didnt think it had anything to to with ed gein and according to the website in just normals answer doesnt mention ed gein!
  • TCM was loosely based on a graverobber called Ed Gein
  • ed gein.graverobber,murderer.He would things out of body-parts and the skins like lampshades ,furniture.He even wore a full female"suit" of skin.And he was a cannibal,he didnt hunt, but he gave away "venison" to his neighbors.
  • Everytime I read a story about an actual serial killer, the stuff they put in the movies pales in comparision. This is a campy version of Ed Gein, but the real story is much more gruesome. Anything Hollywood drums up doesn't compare to the atrocities being committed daily on this planet as we speak.
  • A serial killer..although he was proved to kill only he's really classed as a murderer.. The movie is very good I own a copy of it..but events that take place are far worse than any movie has ever portrayed..
  • The Ghoul of Plainfield, Edward Gein. While his story is quite true, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre totally blows the whole thing out of proportion, and barely, if at all, resembles the actual events. I'd say Psycho is a lot closer to keeping the influence than Thomas Hewitt has.

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