• theres no help for you LOL i had an ex-girlfriend like that, she still 'likes' me and she admits she was wrong for flirting with everybody... but i dont want to go through life hearing about how my girlfriend was feeling up on some dude. Rumors start and they are a part of our society, cant run away from them.. so people are only going to avoid them. By avoiding you. Talk yourself out of it, go cold turkey...
  • haha, i am the same way.. i have lost quite a few guys by me flirting with everyone.. sad thing is a lot of times i dont even realise i am doing it. Hate to say this but... don't flirt with anyone in front of your man, if you wanna go out and flirt with people do it when he isnt around..
  • i'm not really touchy feely, but i hug all my friends and uh yea, depending on who i'm talking with i'll say hi with a hug and kiss on the cheek. it's never meant as flirtation. i just kind of have to be more intuitive with whomever i'm talking to. just make yourself very conscious and before moving kind of think to yourself "ok how is he going to take this.."
  • It is only by practice that you can tame yourself to better behavior. Learn to space yourself when speaking to the opposite sex and try a formal handshake in place of a friendly hug (unless you're good friends for a good period of time). Stand a good foot away when in conversation and when the need for feeling their arm or such, distract yourself by conversation or something small by shifting your stance. You can only moderate your actions by continuous self reminders and self discipline. If boredom overruns you to the extreme, politely excuse yourself and change to a new conversation or take a time out. Hope this helps a bit : )
  • So,this is how I really am,ever since uhhh 3rd grade,I'm now 18 and I find myself flirting with everyone in my school. Every boy knows who I am,and I always act like I want to date them,but really I don't. Some I do..But most I don't. I have all boy friends,besides 3 close girlfriends. I never lost a boy friend from it or lost a boyfriend from it. But I try to stop,but I can't. I don't even like the attention,I'm just very outgoing. But I definitely know what you mean by the last line,it gets me in trouble A LOT!
  • 8-8-2017 You need to learn how to act in public. Take acting classes. BONUS: Acting, especially vocal skills, will improve your earning power more than any other detail.

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