• Probably so many can use the "you don't have morals because you don't believe in god" spiel on atheists
  • Good question!
  • people who believe they need redemption because they have done wrong turn to religion to try and deal with what they've done, people who have not done bad things dont feel like they need to be redeemed and are therefore less likely to turn to religion.
  • Many prisoners convert to religion after they are sentenced.
  • Because that's where they get theirs from...! Can I get a cracker now...? ;-)
  • Many religious people believe Atheists don't believe in morals, which has proven to be incorrect.
  • I knew a man, who had tons of religious literature and visited church regularly. It did not stop him from beating up he hell out of his wife and stepson.
  • "Religion" does not make all people "moral" or law-abiding. It does many, but not all. Non-belief does not make people "immoral" or more criminally inclined.
  • Religion is equated with good people (moral people) because most religions preach goodness. Anyone with any sense knows that not all religious people are moral and that not all non-religous (atheists and agnostics) are not moral. It's one more example of how stereotyping does NOT work. There are moral and immoral people in all groups whether religious or not.
  • You're right, Atheists are more moral than religious people. There are many studies to the effect of taking a room full of Atheists and Theists and telling them that somebody had fallen from a ladder and there being no connection of people to help that person to their belief in the bible. Religious people are more likely to commit a crime than Atheists. Religion causes war. The list goes on...
  • Atheism and science are not without morals. They just follow a different set of ethics from those of Christianity and other religions. Take stem cells, for instance. I believe that to cure a person that is alive and has people who care about him/her deserves more attention than an indescernable embryo that doesn't even have a name. Christians (not all) tend to resort to outdated and arbitrary morals, and most of them are hypocrites themselves. "I can sin however much I want, as long as I ask for forgiveness before I die. I'll just go out and have some more sex and make others feel bad and still get into Heaven! The world is made perfect for me!"
  • They have done wrong and look for a way out. Faith brings them hope in a place where hope is hard to come by.
  • Where do you look up something like that? An atheist website? haha! And where did the idea come from that morals only come from religion? Are you saying that the 1% of Atheists in prisons are immoral, and does that imply that the 10-12% of US Atheists are immoral?--I believe you've stuck your foot in your mouth! People of all sorts of belief systems are moral. But any Christian would know that being a Christian is more than just being moral, or good. Christianity is about being obedient to God. Any other major religion would profess the same thing. Apparently, something those guys did (who are what you broadly call "morals") which got them into prison was either the result of temporary, stupid immorality, or a choice to live a constantly immoral life. What exactly is the big point you're trying to make?
  • One the one hand: poverty is a motivation for theft, although it's debatable whether more in total value is not stolen from the poor by wealthier ranks of society. On the other hand wealth and religion do appear to be closely correlated as indicated in the following article:
  • So many people believe this because they have been indoctrinated into this belief for their entire lives. They are taught that morality comes from their deity/deities. Logically, then, without a belief in the source of morality, one cannot have any moral compass. In fact, for the religions that ascribe to the Ten Commandments as the fundamental, inerrant basis for morality, morality requires a belief in the Abrahamic Deity, Yahweh. Commandments #1 and #2 require sole worship of Yahweh.
  • Unfortunately your 10-12% statistic is overinflated. It includes Agnostics and non-religious which is not the same as Atheists. Better surveys in 2001 and 2002 said 0.4% and 1% respectively of the U.S. population was Atheist. Even if the Atheist percentage was higher outside of prison, this just might mean that many Atheistic criminals find God in prison. With love in Christ.
  • This brings up a question though. How many of those that are locked up and claimed to be religious were actually living their religion at the time they committed their crimes? If these people were not living their religions, is it really fair to lump them in with those that are and say that this shows that religion does not make people moral? A moral code only works as long as people are willing to follow that code. If people get in trouble because they were not following a particular moral code, is it really fair to say that the moral code is at fault. For example, most societies have decided that murder is wrong. Despite this moral code, people still murder. So, should we throw out the idea the murder is wrong just because some people do it anyway?
  • First of all, I've heard that 99% of statistics are made up (this is in the 1%) Have you done a census of the US population's beliefs? I wasn't asked anything. Also, morals do come from Christianity. The writers of the New Testament (which were mostly illiterate, by the way) said that faith without works is dead. You must repent of your wrongdoings, then set out to do the will of God. Most people who call themselves Christians are actually not according to the New Testament. If atheists read the Bible without any preconceived bias they would believe it.
  • because the ones who say that morals can only come from religion either can't or wont think for themselves. blind obedience to dogma of any kind (religious, political, philosophical, et cetera) leads to bad things most of the time.
  • Where did you get the 10-12%? The best I've ever heard is 5-7% at the most. The question is NOT what do they believe NOW. The question is what were they when they committed their crimes. Most would tell you they only came to belief in God AFTER they were convicted. Nice try. Bottom line: See to yourself and the prisoners will take care of themselves. Wilful ignorance won't be an excuse when you're on your face before Christ. Romans 14:10-12 "But why do you judge your brother? Or why do you show contempt for your brother? For we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ. For it is written: “ As I live, says the LORD, Every knee shall bow to Me, And every tongue shall confess to God." So then each of us shall give account of himself to God." consider yourself informed.
  • Well they're dumb. I wish I had a better answer but this sums it up.
  • My rule with stats is if you can't site your sources don't be mad if I dismiss them as false. So i'll just stick in the middle of this debate
  • Almost everyone finds religion in prison....ha ha ha...haven't you heard of jailhouse conversions? They think it will help with their paroles. I'm surprised that even 1% admit to atheism while in prison.
  • 9-25-2017 What does the first half of your question have to do with the second half?
  • not sure why but just cause someone is an atheist dont mean they dont have morals
  • We are created God's " image"...not that we look like him but that we are endowed with his love and compassion...All people have this but some tend to suppress it...It is not being organized into religious groups that help us have these qualities...

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